We have an incredible family of individuals at Pathways.  From our Lightworkers and Readers to our
knowledgeable, friendly staff, everyone is focused on the top quality service that we provide for our clients
and customers.  This page is to help you to get to know everyone and get more information about the type
of services provided.  First the Lightworkers and Readers, then a section about our employees.  Employees
occasionally have favorite picks listed here as well.

Dana                Dana works closely with her spirit guides blending their inspiration and her life experiences
to the Tarot to create well-rounded guidance that concentrates on Universal Laws and interpersonal
relationships. As a practicing medium, intuitive, and energy worker, she is able to interpret messages
through the Tarot on a variety of levels. She is available for readings on Monday evenings.  $35 for half
hour sessions.

Vanessa          Vanessa is a nationally known psychic, native to St. Louis.  She has had natural psychic
abilities since childhood.  Vanessa started studying at a young age and continues o expand upon her
spiritual practices.  She has been a professional psychic for over twenty years, providing guidance and
compassion through private consultations using Tarot Cards and psychic impressions.  As a psychic,
Vanessa has specialized in meditation practices and disciplines.  Her expertise is a synthesis of a variety
of metaphysical beliefs.  Many people have found her to be a great source of understanding and solace.  
She joins us on selected Saturdays by appointment.

Dr. Jason         By offering insight into current patterns of thought and behavior, Jason easily assists
others in gaining a clearer perspective of their current situations so that they can move forward to create
positive change in their lives.  He provides an inspiring and enlightening session by sharing the wisdom of
his spiritual guides and teachers.  A knowledgeable and talented teacher of myth, culture, and language,
Jason is also a certified mantra instructor with Sanatana Dharma Satsang and holds a Doctor of Education
degree from Maryville University of St. Louis.  He visits us on selected dates, please check current month.  
$35 for a half hour session.  Jason is also teaching some incredible Tarot Classes ("Beyond the Basics")
and Meditation Classes.  Please check our "Classes" and "Calendar" Pages for current offerings.

William                An experienced clairvoyant message-bearer, William has been working with his spirit
guides at Circle of Light Church for over 4 ½ years bringing through personal messages from the Inner
Planes for soul growth and spiritual evolution, consistently being of service at those weekly gatherings.  
He is now available for home and business parties as well as private clairvoyant and tarot consultations at
Pathways throughout the month and by advanced appointment.  $35 for half hour appointment.
Rev. Deborah Ann
Bourbon, R.N.

Melina       Melina (Mel) has an eclectic background including studies in Native American ceremony,
meditation, Sanskrit Mantra, Earth-based religion and tarot with a strong emphasis on Goddess energies.  
Mel’s strengths lie in personalizing her Spiritual path.  She enjoys finding unique and practical approaches
to situations and magickal workings drawing from direct inspiration and her ever-widening background.  As
she continues to work to increase her knowledge, Mel also assists in co-ordinating ceremonies and rituals
on a local and national level.  As Mel says, “By putting ourselves in alignment with deity we can rise above
situations and find our true path, we are all ‘in the process’”.  Melina is an active, and founding, member of
Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church.  She assists in the church’s sacred ceremonies and day to
day functions, coordinates seasonal celebrations, and is their elected treasurer.  Watch our Classes and
also our Calendars page for classes taught by Mel.
About Bill:  :  About Bill:  Rev Bill Duvendack is an internationally known astrologer and author. He
routinely teaches classes on astrology and the Western Esoteric Tradition, and is available for astrological
chart interpretations and guidance sessions of many kinds. He is President of the Astrological Association
of St Louis, a member of NCGR, President of Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church which he is
ordained through, a member of the Temple of Ascending Flame, and a member of BOTA. With over 25
years of experience in the Western Esoteric Tradition in many different forms, Bill brings a grounded and
practical holistic view to his material. For more information and to contact, please visit his website at
A Resource Center Honoring All Traditions
Eric:     A chilling paranormal experience led Eric to become somewhat of an expert in banishing evil
spirits.  In addition to banishing evil spirits he is also an expert at fighting evil humans.  Eric was / is an
instructor in various martial arts.  As well as being a martial artist he has begun to develop artistic skills
through spirit drawing.  Finally, Eric is excited to offer Electronic Mediumship.   Hear the voice of your
deceased loved ones using Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).  Perhaps you’ve heard of EVP on T.V.
shows like Ghost Hunters.  If you are morning a loss or just need a word that your loved one is okay,
then call Pathways to schedule an appointment with Eric for a truly unique experience.  He also offers
classes on this subject.  Consult Pathways calendar for dates. See also www.ElectronicMediumship.
Karen Williamson is a Reiki  Master Teaher and certified in Gemstone Crystal Energy Work.  Her on going
studies include herbs, aromatherapy and spiritual development.   Using Reiki with Crystals is a very powerful
yet gentle healing session that helps heal the body, mind and spirit.  A session with Karen includes a short
emotional, mental, spiritual or wanting to manifest something positive into your life. Afterwards, there is a
brief discussion to talk about the healing that took place in your session.  All sessions are $65/hr.  Karen
appointment and is available select Thursdays. Karen is also leading our NEW Reiki Share that will
is a Reiki  Master Teaher and certified in Gemstone Crystal Energy Work.  Her on going
meeting on the second Monday of the month, beginning next month, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. This share is open
open to anyone that has been attuned to any level of Reiki.  So many times as healers, we spend our
energy on energy on other people taking care of their needs.  It will be a great opportunity for us to
exchange Reiki energy with each other.  We will start off checking in with each other, a small meditation or
reading and end each other.  We will start off checking in with each other, a small meditation or reading and
end with grounding.  This is going to be a very relaxed and gentle time to care for ourselves.  $5 love
Karen Williamson
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Mickie is the illustrator of three Trees,A Celtic Divination Oracle.  She is also an ordained Pagan
minister and has studied Natural Magic, Fairy Magic and Celtic tradition.  Mickie is also a regular article
contributor to several of the Llewellyn periodicals and enjoys teaching magic and Pagan spirituality
through her writing and lectures..Mickie sees the world and gains insight through visionary art and
offers oracle readings.
 She has been a Reiki healing master/teacher in the Usui Shiki Royoho Tradition
since 2001. Mickie is pleased to meet you at Pathways on selected dates each month to offer readings
from the oracle decks of her own design, see calendar page for dates.  $35 for a half hour session.
Mickie Mueller
Ken Needham-     Ken has studied Ceremonial magick, Shamanism, Chaos Magick and earth based religions
since the early 1980s. He was a member of The Phoenix Temple of the Golden Dawn, various local Magical
Groups including The Hawk and Vulture Club and Pan-Nuit as well as others. He was also a member of the
Alexandrian Wiccan coven Holly-Oak. Ken has rounded out his metaphysical education studying with Deborah
Bourbon and others since joining the Pathways family.
Rachael’s graduate work was in Religious Studies and Philosophy; she loves ancient languages and has
advanced studies in Latin and Greek.  She began ministry work 24 years ago and has been an ardent
student of spirituality and religions since childhood.  She has been a teacher and guest speaker in various
venues across the Midwest, including being a guest speaker at Washington University for three years.
She is in her 5th year of studies with Christopher Penczak and an Honored Member of the Temple of
Witchcraft.  She is a Priestess and co-founder of the St Louis coven Vadoma, and has been actively
involved with planning and leading the group’s Esbats (Full Moon rituals) and Sabbats (Wheel of the Year
rituals) over the last four years.  
She loves exploring divinity through Tarot, the Runes, and the Tree of Life.  She has been exploring the
healing modalities and spiritual cosmology through Shamanism over the last two years.
She lives in St Louis and enjoys drumming (both in Circles and in a local band), figure skating, hiking in
the woods, and raising her family with her best friend; her husband.
Upon graduation in March 2014, she will become a High Priestess in the Temple of Witchcraft and is
teaching Temple of Witchcraft courses Years 1-5 in St Louis at Pathways.
Kim "It's all good, even when it's not." This statement invites us to discover and take responsibility for
OUR TRUTH ABOUT THE SELF, and each experience that we have. It's a wonderful gift from the
universe. As a Shamanic Practitioner, and an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Kim shares her toolbox from
Spirit to assist others with Awakening. She has traveled all over the world learning and working with other
Keepers of the Light. Kim teaches "Practical Shamanism" at Pathways.

It is with mixed emotions that the Pathways and Letter family announce the passing of
Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N. On one hand, we are happy for her “graduation day”
as she liked to call it and reunion with her loved ones in Spirit - on another we mourn
our own loss of a beloved Friend, Teacher, Spiritual Advisor, and Mother.

Deborah transitioned into Spirit on October 20, 2013 after a 1-1/2 year cancer diagnosis. She is survived
by her son, Jon Letter II, daughter-in-law Kelly, cousins Dawn r & Richard,
her dog Heru, her Pathways family
and of course many of you - her friends and customers.

is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, a Registered Nurse, a Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher,
founder and owner of Pathways (a Metaphysical Resource Center) and a Servant of the Light. She is an
Eighth Degree Astarian, and the Founding Minister of Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church. She
was initiated into the Jyoti Order of Spiritual Lightworkers by Namadeva Acharya.  She has done private
consultations and taught classes, based on her many years of personal studies and experiences, for over
42 years. Her focus is on empowering people to improve their lives and focus on their spiritual growth.
She has traveled around the world, creating and participating in ceremonies and rituals at such sacred
sites as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu Peru, the Sphinx and the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid at
Giza as well as other sacred temple sites throughout Egypt, Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet, the 7 Sacred
Ganesh Temples throughout India, China, England, Ireland, Scotland as well as at native sites in the U.S.
She has been invited to co-lead some of these journeys with Astara..

Deborah’s life has been immersed in metaphysics and Spiritualism, beginning with open-minded parents
who encouraged her to pursue her interests and talents while she was still very young.  Over 43 years
ago she had one of the earliest esoteric stores in the country and published one of the first metaphysical  
newspapers.  She has appeared on countless radio, television, cable, talk and news shows throughout
her long career as well as having authored articles in national and international publications.  A
Registered Nurse for over 30 years, with 2 college degrees and an advocate of a healthy body AND a
healthy mind, she also presents numerous classes combining metaphysics, holistic and alternative
healing modalities.  An ordained Spiritualist minister for over 22 years, in this – the religion of her youth,
she inculcates the principles of soul growth, eternal life and overlighting loving guidance throughout her
teachings. These principles have been galvanized even further by her two near-death experiences.

Deborah’s business, Pathways, is a supply and resource center honoring all traditions. Started on the
Harmonic Convergence in 1987, it has steadily grown into, what visitors nationwide have acclaimed, is
one of the most complete and highest quality stores of its kind.  The current library of classes that
Deborah teaches is over 70 individual titles. Over the decades Deborah has taught these to literally
thousands of people some of whom have gone on to become prominent authors and leaders in their own
RIP Our founder,
mentor and dear
Teachers and Lightworkers
Kelley has been and is a Priestess and co-founder of Vadoma Coven for the past five years here in St.
Louis. Her studies and interests of the metaphysical are wide and ongoing from the nature mysteries to the
Eastern religions to the paranormal.  She studied very closely with Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon including
classes with Melina, Dana, and Bill at Pathways, as well as studying with The Temple of Witchcraft. Her
practices include Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Candle Magick, Sanskrit Mantra, Ascension, Meditation,
Reiki, Tarot, Herbalism, and is a certified Crystal & Gemstone Healer. She also was a practicing Certified
Field Investigator for MUFON, and the Editor for &;The UFO Enigma Newslette; a publication of The
UFO/Paranormal Study Group of the Greater St. Louis Area, and attended the Ozark UFO conference every