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Throughout the calendar year a great variety of classes and events are offered at Pathways. Please check current and upcoming calendars for immediate offerings. Please register for classes in advance as there is limited seating and frequently handouts must be prepared. As many of these classes are scheduled well in advance, as interest is expressed, we strive to meet the needs of most of our customers. Let us know if a specific day or evening would work best for you and we will consider that information in our plans. We will call you when the class is scheduled, you have the option of asking us to call you again if the timing is inconvenient. However, please be aware that some classes are only offered yearly or every other year. For most classes no payment is required until the day of the class, however many of the special events require advance payment to secure a space.

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Due to our many offerings, most of our Classes are now only offered ONCE a year, this is especially true with new classes. Please take advantage of the classes when they’re scheduled.

Abundance Goddesses w/ Melina NEW! Revised Version

Have you been looking for a new way to bring prosperity into your life? Enlist the assistance of the Divine Feminine! This class looks at prosperity from many perspectives. Discover how to fine tune your workings, how to ask the Goddess to lend her energies to your cause and what to do after you've achieved your goal. This is a revised version of the original class first offered in 2007. Goddesses from different traditions, correspondences, visualizations and an addition to your Goddess Journal are included. 2 hours

Advanced Development Class Part 1 w/Dana Originally By Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Building on the foundation laid in Basic Development Class, attention is now focused on contact with our guides and teachers. Much attention is spent on symbols and receiving messages from spirit. This class will be required for Advanced Development Class Part 2. Homework will be assigned and discussed in the class sessions. Independent time will be required to establish and maintain clear contact. Class size is very limited. Must register in advance with Deborah, a 4-week series. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours. Must have completed Basic Development Series.

Advanced Development Class Part 2 w/ Dana Originally By Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

A natural extension from Advanced Development Class Part 1, the techniques are put into practice in this ongoing group. The group meets to do active work. The group members carry out exercises in psychometry, billets, flame messages, message delivery and channeling. Group size is limited. See Deborah for criteria. Completion of Advanced Development Class Part 1 and a deep personal commitment to Spiritual Growth are required. 4 week series.. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours.

Advanced Development Class Part 3 w/ Dana Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Development of technique and ability are continuing goals for those who desire to pursue the use of their skills in a professional setting. This group meets those needs for individuals who have completed Advanced Development Part 2. Designed as a working arena this group will be meeting monthly on the third Monday from 7 – 9 p.m.

Advanced Gemstone Crystal Energy Class Series w/ Kelley Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This is a new 5 week series of advanced techniques that Deborah personally uses in her Sessions! Weekly Topics Covered Are: Grids in Theory & Practice, Techniques for Moving Energy, Formatting & Detailing a Session, Past Life Regression Work, and Aspects of Contacting Finer Energetics. Class size is limited to 8 persons, $25/class, and each class lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours. Register & prepay in Advance, $125. The first 5 week series “Gemstone Crystal Energy Class Series” is a prerequisite for this series. There is also an optional 6th Class, to observe a Complete Balancing by Deborah. The Client for this session will be determined by a drawing from willing class series attendees after the completion of the 5 classes.

Ascension, a Seven Part Series w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Several years ago, Deborah led an Ascension study group that continued for over 2½ years. During that time techniques were devised to speed the Ascension process. Material was gathered from several sources, presented, and guided meditations done to anchor the higher vibrational energetics into the class participants. This seven part series is a distillation of that entire program. The 2-year study’s high points and most successful techniques are brought together in this 7-week presentation. This is a rare opportunity to accelerate your ascension work. Topics include: Removing & Clearing Negative Astral & Elemental Energies & Implants; Clearing & Cleansing; DNA Transformation; The Unified Chakra; Aligning the Higher Chakras; Working with the Masters of the Rays; Contacting the Lady Masters and the Divine Mother. Each class lasts 2 ½ hours, includes a guided meditation and numerous handouts.

Ascension, Series 2, a Second Seven Part Series w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Due in part to the overwhelming response of the first Ascension series a second series of classes on the ascension process is being presented. This series has the same format as the first, a formal opening, presentation of material, a meditation incorporating that material, and a formal closing. Topics include: Central Vertical Channel, Ascension Seats, Levels of Initiation, Healing Mother Earth, Initiation in the Great Pyramid, Star Brothers & Sisters, and Merkabah Meditation. Please note: it is highly recommended that you complete the first Ascension Series before doing this series. The techniques in this series are more advanced and the clearing, cleansing and background work accomplished in the first series provide a good foundation for this series. Each class lasts 2 ½ hours, includes a guided meditation and numerous handouts.

Ascension, an Ongoing Practice w/ Rev Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Due to such an interest in continuing to work with Ascension material, Deborah has created this new, on-going group. The group will follow the same format that is used in the Ascension Series that she teaches: opening, presentation of information and discussion, guided meditation on the material, and closing. The group is open to all. The underlying theme for this year will be a more detailed look at the Ascended Masters, beginning with the Masters of the Seven Rays. (The Seven Rays are the expression of Divinity in all that exists. From the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, to the soul, the spirit or Monad to Divinity, all display the interweaving patterns of the Seven Rays. These Ray energies emanate from Divinity. They are unique aspects of Divinity and are responsible for the evolution of consciousness from atom to God.) All are invited to bring any information they care to share about the Ascended Master focused upon for the month (please check current calendar for information); Deborah will also be presenting material. Please reserve your space in advance to ensure we have adequate materials. 7 – 9 p.m., . Join us for a transformational year of Ascension advancement.

Aspect Patterns w/ Bill

Can you see the forest for the trees? Do you want to learn how in a brief and engaging class? If so, then come on in! This class is designed to show different aspect patterns in the astrological chart. Covering everything from the splatter to the bowl to the Yod, aspect patterns can be very useful when spotted in a chart. By being able to spot them quickly and clearly, you can see how they impact your life, or the lives of your loved ones. What aspects say when they talk to one another is as important as what planets say when they talk to one another, and by identifying them, we tap into a more clear current of wisdom. The class lasts for an hour and a half.

Astara Study Group

Astara is a complete system of spiritual/metaphysical study channeled by Earlyne Chaney. Study books are available from Astara in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. We provide the space and time for people to gather to discuss the material in the lessons. The book number printed on the calendar is the one we are working with that evening. You need to bring that numbered book with you to join in the Free discussion. Group meets on the second Monday of the month. Please contact Deborah if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a part of this group.

Asteroids: An Overview w/ Bill

One of the least known points in astrology is the recently astrologically applied body of asteroids. Since they are all in unison on a very similar orbit around the Sun, they resemble planets, yet their individual characteristics impact us almost weekly, if not daily! So, what are they? How do they affect us? What role do they play in a personal chart? How do we understand them and work with them? What do they offer us that the rest of the planets do not? This class is intended to be a brief overview of what asteroids are, how they impact us, and how much they impact us. 1 ½ hr.

Astrological Timing of Events w/ Bill

As we move through life, we have major events that matter more to us than others. Astrology can be used to time these events to create a larger effect. If you are interested in timing events in your life to gain bigger and better results, this class is for you! Because of its comprehensive nature, Astrology, a Basic guide by Deborah is a pre-requisite for this class. The class length is two hours long,

Astrological Timing of Rituals w/ Bill

This two hour class will cover the basic concepts and considerations that should be observed when designing a ritual; up to and including the timing of such a working. As we move forward on our spiritual path of our own choice, we encounter subtle opportunities to be seized. When deciding how to proceed with a certain ritual, there are factors that need to be considered that can make things go a little smoother. Astrology is the key that unlocks the door to a greater world of potential. Knowing when to cast is just as important as knowing how to cast. This class will present an easy to follow method of thinking when planning rituals, no matter what their intent. Covering everything from holy days to sabbats and esbats, this class will look at the factors that can pave the way for an easier time accessing the most available channels for energy movement. Having attended “Astrology – A Basic Guide” by Rev. Deborah Bourbon is a prerequisite for this class. Please reserve in advance, numerous handouts.

Astrology, A Basic Guide w/ Bill Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

The focus of this workshop is to provide the participant with basic knowledge about the factors of astrology as well as important information to assist one in planning and timing events. We will discuss the symbols and basic meaning of planets, houses, signs, major aspects; moon phase information, and moon void of course. Planetary days and hours will also be covered. All will be presented in an easy to understand format with numerous handouts. A basic knowledge of astrology can greatly enhance your life’s journey. This is an excellent point of introduction to this fascinating topic, numerous handouts. A 2½-hour class, please register in advance, numerous handouts. This class is taught at the beginning and at the end of the calendar year.

Astrology and the Chakras w/Bill

The inter-dimensional energy vortices known as chakras have come into the western mindset over the last 160 years, and are reclaiming their place when it comes to healing and overall energetic health. An age old body of knowledge, it can be worked with energetically to achieve maximum results, both proactively and retroactively. Astrology can be used to connect not only the human body with the macrocosm, but it can also tell us when good times exist to maximize chakra work. In this class, we will look at the correlations between the two systems, and how to use astrology to increase chakra work to greater ends. The class will last two hours long, and has an investment of $25 cash.

Astrology and The Elements w/ Bill

There are four elements that can be considered building blocks of this third dimensional reality: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. How does astrology treat these? What can astrology tell us about the elements, and how can we apply that knowledge to our understanding of this reality? This class is meant to address the many different facets of each element, and how an understanding of this can produce a better understanding of the world around us, and how to synthesize this into our spiritual path and growth. 2 hrs,

Astrology of the Body w/ Bill

Ever wake up to your head hurting, but you know intuitively that it wasn’t a headache or sinus congestion? Are you a logical person, and yet, after just a few minutes of standing, your feet are aching bad enough to encourage you to sit down, and you know your shoes aren’t to blame? Well I may just have the solution for you! The signs of the zodiac, so, by default, the planets in astrology, rule different parts of the human body. They have their own placement, much like the Chakra system does, and a deficiency or abundance of a planet or sign in your chart can have subtle impacts that may influence your movements on a daily basis, but they are so subtle they haven’t been noticed-until now! After taking this class, you will have a better understanding of astrological correspondences both in the chart and in the human body, and how one influences another. This 2 hour class is not meant as replacement for medical help, but rather information that can be used to teach you how to read the body like a barometer, and physically prepare for transits and retrograde periods, as well as use your chart as an esoteric guide for health.

Banishing Pentagrams & Hexagrams, Effective Clearing w/ Rachael Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Sometimes other clearing methods are impractical and do not provide quite the desired effect. There are times when the energies of the Pentagrams and Hexagrams to clear the vibrations of the lower astral levels are exactly what’s needed. An explanation of the “what’ s”, “how’s”, “when’s” and “why’s” provide clear information necessary for anyone to effectively begin using these powerful techniques to clear out unwanted, displaced or negative energies. Handouts will be provided and participants will be guided through the actual Banishings. Please register in advance, numerous handouts. Class lasts approximately 2½ hours.

Basic Development Class Series w/ Dana Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This series of eight classes is designed to provide a foundation for balanced growth. Topics covered include: Relaxing & Centering Methods, Creating Sacred Space, Guardian Angel Awareness, Guides & Teachers, Attracting Love, Working with Color Energy, Prosperity and Auras & Chakras. These classes are required before taking the Advanced Development Classes. Series is so important that it is offered at least twice a year; each class lasts 2 1/2 hours. A guided meditation is included with each class. Advance registration is required, limited seating, handouts.

Basics of Ritual Construction w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Rituals can be powerfully defining moments along our spiritual journey. And personal rituals, the ones that we have created and birthed, can be even more profound and illuminating. This class looks at the various aspects of ritual construction. From the ritual sections themselves, to wording and timing, as well as preparation of self and place, aspects are covered in detail. Empowering, yet easy to understand, this class takes the ability to create effective rituals and places it into your hands. Now you can create your own rituals to honor, explore, and discover facets of your spiritual journey. Please register early, handouts. Class is approximately 2 1/2 hours in length. This class is taught yearly. 11 pages of notes.

Beginning a Mantra Practice w/ Dr. Jason

Mantras are powerful tools to working with the energy of our body, the conditions of our life, and the state of karma. In this class we will explore the basics of sound, energy, and karma. A list of basic mantras for the beginning mantra practitioner will be offered and practiced. Handouts. 1 1/2 hours CD of mantras from this class is available for an additional $5.

Candle Magick Workshop w/ Kelley Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This is a hands-on workshop designed to empower the individual to use candle magick. We will study the effects and meanings of the different colors and types of candles; how to bless and anoint a candle; which scents to use and why; as well as other actions, steps and guidelines to add extra power to your candle work. You will leave the class with a candle anointed and charged to your own purpose, ready and confident to embark on active candle magick working. Class lasts 2.5 hours. Must register in advance, 11 pages of handouts.

Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church

A weekly gathering held from 6:45 – 8:30 p.m., on Sunday evenings, we share a service of prayer, song, messages from spirit with our mediums, and meditation. Occasionally, to meet the needs of families with younger ones who do not yet meditate, we schedule a service with an event or activity so that they can share a complete service with us as well. Quiet healing time is from 6:45 – 7 p.m. with the offering of energetic healing as time allows. Doors are closed at 7 p.m. when service begins. All are invited. The gathering is based on Spiritualist principles. Please arrive before 7 p.m. We ask that you not disturb service once we have begun, thank you. Please note that in the month of December, on the week before Christmas, service begins one hour later. Also there is no service on holidays that Pathways is closed, for example Easter. If there is a question please call Pathways, 314-842-0047.

Construction & Use of the Magickal Mirror w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Western ceremonial magick contains much information of the process of constructing, consecrating and using a magickal scrying mirror. Techniques and rituals will be covered in this class. Whether you decide to make a mirror or purchase one, this class is geared to assist you in the dedication and consecration of your mirror as well as to develop your abilities in scrying. Class is 2 ½ hours . Please register in advance, 10 pages of handouts. This class is taught yearly.

Creating a Sacred Day w/ Melina (Mel)

Do you have "time off" and want to spend it in a sacred/magical way? You can turn a day into your own spiritual retreat. This class focuses on ideas for creating and experiencing a day that is filled with spirituality and empowerment. We will cover sun & moon energetics, elements, food (of course!), deity, and possible activities. From sun up to sun down and in between, pick and choose what works for you and create your own sacred day! 2 hours.

Creating and Working With Magickal Familiars w/ Bill NEW

The cat of the witch. The imp of the sorcerer. The golem of the Qabalist. All of these entities are known as familiars to those that work with the energies of magick, and they are just as much myth as reality. No matter what path you walk, the concept of the familiar is one that is most likely known about, and in many different ways. Stories abound as to what is and what isn’t a familiar, and because of this, a lot of times ambiguity can arise from this information. In this class, we will look at familiars from several different viewpoints, as well as look at some of the lesser-known principles of them. Class is 2 hours long, and has the pre-requisites of Deborah’s ‘Introduction to Magick’, as well as ‘Magickal Motto, Magickal Name.’ ‘Creating Sigils’ is also recommended but not mandatory.

Creating Sigils, Powerful Tools for Change w/ Ken Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Sigils link two very important factors for creating desired changes in our lives.  They are free of linear thought and they bypass the limits created in our conscious mind.  Learn the essence and intricacies of making sigils and practice creating your own in this unique class.  This is the opportunity to learn a tool that will forever transform your power to manifest.  Class is 2 hours in length .  Please register in advance, limited seating.  This class is taught yearly.

Creativity & Wisdom, the Goddess Sophia w/ Melina NEW!

Creativity isn't just for painting, sculpture and writing. We can also be creative in so many other ways. In this workshop, learn about the goddess Sophia and her ability to assist us not only with creativity, but also in realizing our own innate wisdom. In this class, Sophia sees past our physicality and reconnects us with the ideas and feelings of dedication, passion and knowledge. 2 hours,  $.

Dark Moon Goddesses w/ Melina (Mel)

"From the void, all things simply thought of gestate and begin to grow into form."- M. Grant Don't let the term "dark goddesses" frighten you. Learn how these Divine Beings can actually assist, by empowering and nuturing us. Through self discovery, meditation and ceremony, these dark moon goddesses can become some of your closest allies on your spiritual path- and some of your strongest. Subjects covered will be: which dark goddess is best to work with at this time, when and how to work with Her, respect, and ideas for your own ceremonies. As we move into Autumn, this class will be helpful if you choose to take the October class "Goddesses of Prophecy and Divination". 2 hrs,

Death & Dying, the Esoteric Perspective w/William Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Death, that great moment of transition, is a vital part of our life’s experience.  Some say it is the greatest experience as all that we have learned in this incarnation plays out before us.  This is a class of looking at the death experience, from the esoteric anatomy and physiology to the journey-work of the Bardo and more.  Class is 2 hours long.  please register in advance, handouts.  A look at Death as the great adventure that it truly is. This class is taught once yearly, in October.

Drumming Group w/ Robert

Robert is facilitating a group that incorporates various types of group drumming.  Everyone can benefit from group drumming regardless of technical ability, spiritual inclination or personal intent for drumming.  Modern day research is continually revealing the therapeutic benefits of drumming. If you have been drawn to drumming come and play. Discover your rhythms from within and experience the energies of group drumming.  Group meets the first Friday of the month from 7:30 – 8:30 p. m.  Love Donation.  Join Us!

Ear Candling Class w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Ear candling (or coning) is an age-old method to remove wax buildup from our ears.  In this class Deborah will demonstrate how to do ear candling and coach students in the process, if they so desire.  Ear candles will be available for purchase at Pathways.  Class is limited to 8 persons.  Numerous handouts will be provided.  Class held outdoors as weather permits.

Eclipses: Gateways to the Shadow Self w/ Bill

Every calendar year there are four eclipses that happen. There are two Lunar, and two Solar. These are particularly powerful times of the year, and usually coincide with the changing seasons of spring and autumn, and most times happen near equinoxes. When these events happen, there is an increased current of energy that can be used to access the shadow self. The shadow self is particularly open during these times, and it can be worked with more easily and with more dramatic results. This class will cover different techniques to use depending on the type of eclipse, and will discuss how the sign the heavenly body is in at the time of the eclipse can be used to greatest effect. It will also cover blending the two dominant energies together, addressing both the sun and the moon placements of such an event. The class is two hours long.

Energetic Healing Techniques w/Karen W Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Learn energetic healing techniques in 2 hours that can greatly enable you to help yourself and others.  Deborah, a 3rd Degree Reiki Master, student of Pranic, Advanced Pranic, and Pranic Psychotherapy as well as Healing Touch and Native American traditions, a practiced spiritualistic healer, gemstone & crystal worker and instructor, and R.N. will share techniques and styles from these various traditions and more.  All modalities have their value and common basis.  Deborah believes that NOW is the time for individuals to claim their ability and power to use these energetic techniques for positive transformation.  lasts 2 hours.  Please register in advance, numerous handouts.

Energies of the Quarters, an In-Depth Look at the 4 Elements w/Ken Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This four part series is an outgrowth from a year-long series on the study of the 4 Quarters and creating magickal tools for each of them.  The essence of that year’s study has been distilled into 4 separate 4-hour classes on the energies of those Elements, presented individually as we enter each season.  The series is designed to develop a better understanding of the Quarters (the basis of our lives in this third dimension), incorporate the energies of the Quarters into our workings and our lives, and to provide ideas for production of magickal tools for each of the quarters.  Material for this series covers astrology, tarot, ceremonial magick, earth religions, Eastern thought.  Detailed handouts, and lasts 4 hours.  Please register in advance.  15 pages of notes.

Enochian Magick, A 3 Part Series w/ Bill

Angelic magick, commonly known as Enochian Magick, is, on the surface, one of the more complex high magickal systems that exists. However, the premise is a simple one: working with angels. In this three part series, the entire system will be addressed in order to make it easy to understand, and just as importantly, easy to integrate into frequent practice. This series will consist of three classes, held once a week, that will provide a clear foundation and understanding of these concepts. The class “Introduction to Enochian Magick” is the per-requisite for this class, and an understanding of magickal ideas and practices is also helpful. Class 1:  The Language. This class will focus on the Enochian alphabet, as well as the grammar and syntax that go hand in hand with using this system. Class 2:  The Aethyrs. This class will focus on the layout of the Enochian system, with special emphasis put on the aethyrs that can be useful for scrying. Class 3: The Enochian Tablets and the Tools of the Art. This class will discuss all of the tools that are of value in the Enochian system. Each class is two hours long, . "Introduction to Enochian Magick" is a prerequisite for this series.

Esoteric Astrology, a Three Part Series w/ Rev Bill Duvendack

This is a three part series that will be exploring esoteric astrology from a practical perspective. What can someone benefit from studying esoteric astrology? How can esoteric astrology assist us with our spiritual growth? Exactly what energies pour into the solar system for us to work with during this incarnation? This three part series will empower the aspirant with techniques and perspectives that can assist the soul with its spiritual growth during this incarnation. Attend the class and receive a FREE BIRTH CHART, providing birth information is complete. Each class is 2 1/2 hours, . There will also be a guided meditation with each class. The class “Introduction to Esoteric Astrology” is a pre-requisite for this series. Class #1:  Solar Influences. This class will explore the sources that produce the energies brought into the solar system and will go over, on an individual level, how those energies can be worked with for soul growth in this lifetime. The focus of the guided meditation will be contacting the cosmic consciousness. Class #2: Planetary Healing. This class will look at the Logos of the planets, as well as examining sacred vs. non-sacred planets. Special emphasis will be placed on astrological aspects, and how, through meditation, one can assist in the karmic healing process. The focus of the guided meditation will be contacting the Earth’s Logos. Class #3: Initiation. This class will focus on the initiations that are being gone through during this lifetime. Special emphasis will be put on each person’s chart. The focus of the guided meditation will be on preparing for these initiations.

Esoteric Full Moons w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

At the time of the full moon, there is an alignment of higher energetics that flow towards earth.  The quality of that current changes and progresses as the sun moves through the zodiacal year.  By preparing and attuning ourselves to these energies great progress can be made on our spiritual journey.  Learn about the esoteric qualities of each of the full moons and how to prepare ourselves to gain the most from these windows of opportunity.  Based on the material of Alice Bailey, Torkom Saraydarian, and Carol Parrish-Harra. Detailed handouts,  2 ½ hours.  Please register in advance.  14 pages of notes.

Evening with Dr. White w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This is a limited seating channeled event coordinated by one of Deborah’s Spirit Guides, Dr. White, her Doctor of Philosophy.  He will be bringing in his group of Guides for this event.  Everyone attending will be asked to write a question that they would like to ask of Dr. White and his Teachers.  This is your opportunity to get answers to questions from Inner Plane Sources.  These questions will be gathered as the evening commences and will be individually asked during the channeling session.  Admission is $20 by advance reservation with Deborah.  This series is currently offered only in the Spring of the year.

Gemstone Crystal Energy Classes w/ Kelley Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This is a 5-week intensive class on working with stones.  A vast amount of information will be given.  Topics covered include: Choosing, care, cleaning, charging and recharging crystals; ways of working with crystals, gemstone elixirs and remedies; art of laying-on-of- stones including preparation of self and place, healing do’s and don’ts, detailed examination of several different layouts; an in-depth study of the quartz family; detailed study of chakras w/ relevant stones and specialized transformative new age stones; special techniques w/ stones such as aura work, tending to problem areas or issues, using wands and lasers.  Class participants will give and receive several gemstone balancings over the length of the course.  Detailed handouts accompany each class.  Enrolled students receive a 20% discount on stone purchases on class dates after first class.  Class size is limited to 8,  Classes are 3 hours in length for 5 weeks, meeting every week.  They are usually scheduled for weekday evenings.

Goddess Circles w/ Melina (Mel)

Women’s groups offer a wonderful opportunity to form long lasting bonds.  This “means of support” is deepened, empowered and strengthened when you incorporate the Divine Feminine.  This class includes ideas for: choosing a Goddess for the group, individual work, forms of celebration, ways to create unity, protocols, following the seasons and much more.  Whether you’re already in a group, or on your own at this point, this class will encourage you to find new and creative ways to invite a Goddess into your life.  2 hrs., , Handouts.

Goddess in Winter w/ Melina (Mel)

It would appear that all is quiet in the world at this time of year, however the many aspects of the Goddess are at work behind the scenes. In this class, we will explore ways to connect with Her during this season. We will also take a look at those goddesses of colder climates and find strength as they do. With all of this energy, we will start to plan the very beginnings of our solar year. What is it that you will create as the year unfolds? 2 hrs,

The Goddess, the God & our Gardens w/ Melina NEW CLASS

We are coming into summer and everything is bursting with green. In this new class, learn how to more deeply connect with your plants and their spirits (both in the garden & in our homes). As we invite the Goddess and the God into our personal working space, we find how they can assist us in not only creating healthier plants and flowers, but healthier selves as well. Soil, water, air and other factors are not only physical aspects in our world, but tools and symbols for our spiritual paths. Learn ways to connect with this plant kingdom and it's devas, blessings for plants and gardens, personal healing and more. Class includes handouts, visualization and plant & garden worksheets to further your personal work. 2 hours.

Goddesses of Prophecy & Divination w/ Melina (Mel)

In the autumn of the year, the opportunity for prophecy and divination is at it's prime. As the veil thins, we are able to peer between the worlds. As we explore the realms of the unseen and open communication with our guides and ancestors in spirit, goddesses can assist us in our workings. Clear alignment with guides and goddess energy is key for receiving clear information. In this class we touch on classic forms of divination and goddesses to assist those workings as well as timing and alternative techniques. 2 hrs,

Grimoires: An Overview w/ Bill NEW!

Grimoires as a tradition have been around for centuries, and arguably, for thousands of years. They are part of the history of magick, and in recent years have come back in popularity. However, there is a lot of mystery that surrounds exactly what they are, and how they are their own magickal tradition. In this class, students will receive background information as to what exactly grimoires are, and how they are still fluid and insightful to this day. Mystery will be removed, and a more practical and metaphysical light will be cast on them. This class is for two hours, and there is no prerequisite.

Health & Healing with the Goddess w/ Melina (Mel)

This class takes a look at healing goddesses from a variety of cultures.  From techniques of the Maya to the Native American Medicine Woman, learn how to incorporate these practices into yours.  We will go over goddess, modalities, techniques, timing and suggestions for personal work, 2 hour class,

Hearth, Home, Harvest w the Goddess w/ Melina (Mel)

Hearth- Our place where we go to gather friends, family and support (on this plane and the next). Home- Our sanctuary and "base camp" where plans are laid before we venture out into the worlds. Harvest- The fruits of our labors both physically and spiritually. The Divine Feminine permeates all of these things. In this session, find out how She can assist us in enhancing our hearth and home through the use of symbols, fragrances, altars and house blessings. Also, now that we have moved into late Autumn, it's time to take stock of our bounty, gather our seeds, and begin to plan for the next year. This session includes handouts and a guided visualization. 2 hrs.

House Cleansing, Blessing & Protecting Techniques w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Our home is our greater self.  It has an energy, a vitality and an overlighting force.  This class will look at various methods and modalities used to energetically shift the vibrations in our personal space.  Whether you desire to get rid of the energies of others who lived there before you, want to transform congested heavy vibrations into ones of a welcoming nurturing nature, increase the safety and protection of your space, or develop a better rapport and understanding of the energies that truly make up your “Home”, this class has something to offer.  Techniques are explained, along with why we would want to use them.  Packed with helpful directions and insights from many different traditions this class will fill you with ideas to transform your space.  Class is  2 1/2 hours in length.  Please register in advance, 15 pages of handouts.

Introduction to Enochian Magick w/ Bill

Enochian magick is the magick of talking to angels. In this class, three distinct aspects of Enochian magick will be looked at, as well as a brief history of where it comes from, and theories as to its origin. There have been many books written on the subject over the years, but in this class everything will be broken down into digestible pieces that can be looked at more easily. By attending this class, students will also take part in a scrying of one of the aethyrs, also known as a realm of the landscape of the angels. . THIS CLASS IS A PREREQUISITE FOR BILL’S NEW 3-PART ENOCHIAN MAGICK SERIES

Introduction to Esoteric Astrology w/ Bill

Beyond the exoteric dimension of astrology with which many of us are familiar, there is a hidden, esoteric aspect, that is lesser known, but just as insightful.  This “Esoteric Astrology” is brought forth from channeled, Ancient Wisdom Teaching.  This class is an introduction to the astrology of the soul and will give the student an overview of how astrology can be used for soul growth.  This class will also reveal the role the Seven Rays play in the development of the soul, astrologically speaking, and how the two tie together.  2 hours .  Note this class is now a prerequisite for "Esoteric Astrology - a 3 Part Series"

Introduction to Magick w/ Bill Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This class is an introduction to the Theorems and principles that underlie magickal practice.  A vast amount of material is covered in an organized and easily understood manner.  Some topics covered are: Aleister Crowley, the Book of the Law, Tree of Life, Tarot, Universal Laws, Banishings, Holy Guardian Angel, Hermetic Magick, Enochian Magick, Chaos Magick.  This is a way to gain an understanding of numerous magickal concepts in an easily understood manner.  A question and answer period is included at the end of the evening. Class is 2 hours in length.  Please register in advance, handouts.  This class is offered yearly.

Introduction to Metaphysics w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

What is metaphysics?  How can a study of metaphysics enhance our lives?  How does metaphysics relate to religion?  Just what is this “New Age”?  How do psychic readings fit in and how do we judge their value?  These and more questions will be answered as we look at metaphysics and its impact on our lives.  Join us for this interesting look at an age-old principle that is blossoming in the world today.  We will have some time for a question/answer session at the end of the presentation.   2 hour class,  please register in advance, handouts.

Introduction to the Seven Rays w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

The esoteric importance of the Seven Rays provides vital information for our spiritual growth and development.  This class gives insight into this system so that the individual will have the background information necessary, and be comfortable with techniques, to initiate contact with these energies.  Opportunities for development exist on the inner planes, we are in a position now to gain understanding and build our part of the bridge.   2 hour class,   Please register in advance, numerous handouts.  This class is offered yearly.

Journey into the Labyrinth w/ Melina (Mel)

When we journey within, the answers unfold. This interactive class covers a brief look at labyrinths throughout history along with suggestions on how to use them on a metaphysical/spiritual and personal level. There will also be an opportunity to walk the Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church's labyrinth. Class includes handouts, a water blessing at the center of the labyrinth if you so choose, and a labyrinth token/talisman. A portion of the proceeds benefit Circle of Light Church. as a thank you for sharing their labyrinth with us.  1 ½ hr,

Keys to Understanding Astrological Aspects, a 4-Part Series w/ Bill

To see planets on an astrological chart is one thing. But to see how they "talk" to one another is a different matter entirely. Aspects are the language of the stars. The way planets communicate, both overtly and covertly, is a determining factor of how they interact, and therefore affect you. Why are some easy to work with, whereas others are more of a challenge? This series of four classes will dissect the two categories of aspects prevalent in astrology: the hard and the soft. During the month we will look at what the two groups of aspects mean, and how to understand them. The series will be split into major and minor aspects so that all can be treated fairly. Learn how to spot aspects that are not so common, but much more potent, such as the Yod and the Quincunx. Each of the four classes will last for two hours. A solid grasp of astrology is recommended.

Law of Attraction-Creating Your Life w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

It’s been a hot topic over the last few years, but have you had success making it work? In this new class, learn how “thought begets form” and how it can assist you with breaking old outdated patterns and creating new, healthy actions. More than just visualization work, learn the metaphysical steps needed to create your life as you would have it. Affirmations, mantras, purpose, clear intent and more! Numerous handouts, recommended reading and creative suggestions for your personal work are included. 2 hours . Please pre- register.

Learn Tarot w/ Rachael Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Due to repeated requests, Deborah will be unveiling a 6 week intensive series on Learning Tarot.  Deborah has worked with the Tarot for over 45 years, both doing readings as well as using it as a framework for spiritual/magickal study and development.  The series will be offered both on Saturdays and on Thursday evenings.  Seating will be limited to 8 persons, to either the Saturday or Thursday evening series, to allow for personal attention and interaction.  Detailed handouts will accompany each class.

  • Class 1: Background on Tarot: Origins, Connections to the Tree, Study for Personal Development, Major Trumps 0-10
  • Class 2: Major Trumps 11-21 Reading w/ Major Trumps
  • Class 3: Court Cards; Numerology of Minor Cards
  • Class 4: Minor Cards, Wands & Swords
  • Class 5: Minor Cards, Cups & Discs
  • Class 6: Layouts & Practice
Living Alchemy w/ Bill

Alchemy is one of the oldest subjects known to humanity. It is the grandfather of chemistry, among other things, and the very word can conjure up images of a mad man in a laboratory. So, what IS alchemy? This class will discuss alchemy from a spiritual perspective. Participants will study the 7 stages of alchemy, and understand how they can be applied in everyday life, without a laboratory or an Igor! This class will be two and a half hours long, 2 1/2 hours. Pre-requisites for this class are “Introduction to Magick” and “Banishing Pentagrams & Hexagrams.”

Magickal Bestiary w/ Bill

In most classical works of magick, there is artwork of fantastical creatures that seem to defy and stimulate our imagination. They exist in all cultures, and there are similar creatures from multiple cultures. These creatures have been believed by millions the world over throughout the centuries. They are very powerful entities that can be worked with effectively when it comes to magick, and working relationships can be established. In this class, attendees will come to an understanding of what these creatures are, and how to work with them for effective magickal results. 2 hours, . Deborah’s class ‘Magickal Motto, Magickal Name’ is a pre-requisite class, and her class ‘Creating Sigils’ is beneficial, but not necessary.

Magickal Formulas w/ Bill

One of the most effective paths to take in magick is to use formulas to produce effects. After all, all it takes is methodology to produce reproducible results. Formulas go back into antiquity, and have been called by many different names, such as spells, rites, etc., but these formulas are different. In this class, several commonly and not so commonly formulas will be looked at, dissected, and understood to be put into practical use through the day-to-day life. This class has Deborah’s ‘Introduction to Magick’, and ‘Magickal Motto, Magickal Name’ as pre-requisites. 2 hours,.

Magickal Use of Pantheons w/ Bill & Melina NEW!

What, exactly, is a pantheon? Why is it so important when doing magick to be familiar with pantheons? How can an increased understanding of pantheons deepen the connection one has to spirit? What are the strengths and the drawbacks to magickal pantheons? Are pantheons mutually exclusive, or can one use multiples if they feel compelled? This class will take a look at how to put pantheons to work in the daily magickal life, as well as different things to consider when looking for a pantheon that is best suited to personal and spiritual development. The class will be two hours long. Of special interest is the fact that there is no prerequisite for this class, and it will be co-hosted by Mel and Bill.

Mantras for Ganesha w/ Dr. Jason

Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu god that removes obstacles, creates unity, and offers solutions for everything from back pain to finding your keys right away.  In this class we will explore mantras and stories associated with this most lovable Hindu god. A CD of Ganesha mantras is included. 2 hours,.

Mercury Retrograde, What To Do? w/ Bill

Approximately three times a year the planet Mercury moves in a retrograde fashion. All planets go through a retrograde time, but Mercury in particular has very manifested results. During a retrograde Mercury, lines of communication are affected, usually, but not always, in an adverse way.  You may be speaking English, and although your audience is speaking English, the two forms don’t necessarily match up, thereby complicating communications. If left unattended, these miscommunications will leave a wake of “Oops’s” that may have dire and disastrous consequences. So when are these retrograde cycles? Why do we get approximately three a year? And, most importantly, what can be done about it? Communication is one of the largest facets of the human experience, and this class will cover what to do to maximize the true potential that is there and minimalize any problems that may arise. This class is intended to offer tools and tips, wit and wisdom, and helpful handouts that can assist us all during these opportunities. Class length is 1.5 hours.

More Mantras for Your Practice w/ Dr. Jason

After a brief review of mantras, their power and their purpose, we will build your mantra repertoire with further mantras for healing, the reduction of karma, the removal of obstacles, and more! class lasts 1 1/2 hours. The CD for each class is $5 in addition to the class.

New Beginnings with the Goddess w/ Melina (Mel)

At the time of the Spring Equinox the new Solar Year begins.  It is the ideal time for aligning with that “springboard of energy” that launches us into new endeavors and gives us the ability to wrap up things that may have been “stuck”.  This session will include goddesses to call upon for these energetics, suggestions for rituals, meditations, the use of specific symbols, and workings to keep the energy flowing.  If you’ve had a goal or idea in mind, now’s the time to take action. 2 hours,

Nu Kua w/ Melina (Mel)

Creating Order, the Goddess Nu Kua: Chaos has it's place when breaking up old, stagnant patterns-but then what do we do with the leftover pieces? How do we encourage Order to step in, sift, evaluate and bring into line healthy new patterns? In this 1/2 class 1/2 ritual, learn about the Chinese goddess Nu Kua and how she can assist us in creating or re-creating our personal paths. Discover what truly deserves our attention and what simply is a distraction to progress.

One Thought, One Desire, the Power of Concentration w/ William

What is Concentration?  It is simply the skill of directing your attention.  Learning to be the director of your attention leads to being the director of your life which, in turn, creates a sense of stability and happiness no one can take from you.  Improve your confidence, self- esteem, clairvoyance, memory and communication skills with the tools provided in this interactive class that includes exercises and hand-outs. This class is a pre-requisite for William’s future classes. 1 hour

Opening the Gateway w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This now ongoing 2 year period promises to offer us phenomenal opportunities for rapid spiritual and soul growth.  Join us as we prepare ourselves to be receptive to the incoming higher vibrational frequencies.  The countdown is on, the time is now. Handouts and meditation included. 2 hour.  Please reserve in advance,

Opening to Goddess Energies w/ Melina Revised Version

Have you ever heard the word "Goddess"? Perhaps you've been curious about a goddess or her pantheon. Have you been looking for a beginner or introductory class or ever wondered where to start? Through this information, multiple visualizations and suggestions for personal work/study, you can learn how the Divine Feminine can manifest in and through you. Discover that her strength can be your strength, her abilities can be your abilities and that her wisdom can be your wisdom. Listen intently. What does the Goddess whisper into your ear? This is a revised version of the original class first offered in 2007and is a pre-requisite for future goddess classes. Includes handouts, guided visualizations and a series of questions  for private reflection and workings which can be used to create your own Goddess Journal. . 2 hours

PAD Your Day! Prayers, Affirmations & Decrees w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

You are the deciding factor as to where your days are going and the progress you realize.  Increase your effectiveness, fine tune your skill set, take active charge of your progress.  Each of these 3 approaches has valuable keys to empower you to co-create your reality.  Learn skills you will use everyday of your life.  3 hrs,

Prayers, Blessings and Gratitude w/ Melina (Mel)

“When so many in the world have so little, we are truly grateful for our many blessings.” Go beyond the prayers and blessings you're familiar with and begin to create personalized prayers of your own. In this class, we will work with prayers from different spiritual paths, incorporate them in appropriate circumstances and concentrate on the energetics behind the words. We will also address blessings (of items, people and situations) and the important energetics that work hand in hand with gratitude. This is the ideal time of year to put our prayers and blessings of “thanks giving” into action! 2 hour class

Preparing for Ceremony & Ritual w/ Melina (Mel)

The things we do in preparation for ceremony are just as integral to the actions we take during it.  This planning also directs more of our intent to our desired outcome.  In this class we will cover elements, personal action, timing, gods, goddesses and meditation.  Bring your thoughts and ideas – there will be time at the end of class for questions & discussion, 2 hours,

Psychic Fair

Our In Store Psychic Fair is held the last Sunday of the month.  Our readers are available for $15 mini readings in the store.  FREE Admission. FREE Lectures  11 a.m. – 6 p.m. For a schedule of lectures for the current monthly fair, please subscribe to our electronic newsletter found on the home page of our website.

Psychic Self Defense w/ Bill

Does that ghost in the closet have you jumping at shadows? Or perhaps that poltergeist keeps moving the toothpaste on you? Maybe, even, there are way too many vampires around that leave you feeling drained and lifeless. Psychic self-defense is something that anyone can do, and do easily, particularly in spots where you may not have a lot of tools or time at your disposal. In this class, we will discuss not only techniques, but also go through real world scenarios to use as illustration points to relieve drains on one’s vitality, as well as protect against unhealthy influences. Deborah’s ‘Introduction to Magick’ and ‘Basics of Ritual Construction’ are also recommended but not required. Class is 2 hours long and has an investment of

Quadrants of the Wheel w/ Bill

The zodiacal wheel is comprised of four distinct areas known as quadrants. So, what are they? How do they work together to tell the story of a life spanning lifetimes? Can you determine someone's spiritual makeup from a quick glance at an astrological chart, even if you know nothing of astrology? These and many other questions are going to be covered in this astrology class. By looking at what these four areas represent, we will get a better understanding of where the soul stands in its karmic evolution, as well as a very useful quick tip to understand loved ones and friends. 1 ½ hr,

Reiki I Certification Course w/ Karen Hoffmann

Reiki is an ancient “hands-on” healing system of channeling and transferring Spiritually Guided Universal Energy to promote well being at all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).  The ability to conduct Reiki for healing is transferred by a Master/Teacher through the process known as “Attunement”.  This class includes theory, history, technique, application, Attunement and lots of hands-on practice.  Please dress comfortably Please dress comfortably.  Class lasts from 11 – 5 p.m.  One-day certification.  Maximum class size is 8 people.  Please register in advance.  Taught by Reiki Master Teacher Karen Hoffmann. Observational Review $50.

Reiki II Certification Course w/ Karen Hoffmann

Reiki II  The Practitioner The Second Degree Attunement process provides a quantum leap in vibratory level, at least four times greater than in the First Degree.  The symbols that are taught in Second Degree, to be used for absentee healing, also become activated at this point. Intuitive abilities of the student are often heightened.  Level I certification required to attend class. Please dress comfortably, bring drinking water or juice and a light snack for lunch.  Class lasts from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Taught by Reiki Master Teacher Karen Hoffmann,  $150.  Limit 8 persons. Please register in advance.  Observational Review

Relationships and Astrology w/ Bill

Who is attracted to whom? How does a relationship between a Cancer and a Libra pan out?  Who makes the decisions in the Aries- Capricorn relationship? How can I use astrology to get a better gauge of interests? This class is design to inform about the fundamentals of relationships from an astrological perspective. In this class, students will learn tricks to use that are effective and easy to use to further the quality of their relationships. This class is two hours long, and has an investment of .

Sabian Symbols in Astrology w/ Bill

Sabian Symbols have been part of astrology for nearly 80 years.  However, they are not in common use by astrologers.  These enigmatic images assist anyone who’s looking to further understand particular degrees of the zodiacal year.  So, what are they? Where do they come form?  How can they be used in astrology? And, just as importantly, how can they assist you, the seeker, in developing spirit guide communications? This class is an introduction to the symbols and their history. “Basic Astrology”, “Basic Development” and “Advanced Development Part 1” are all recommended but not required.  1 ½ hr.

Sacred Foods for Magick w/ Melina NEW!

As our harvest begins to come in-both physically and spiritually- we begin to see the fruits of our labors. In this workshop, learn correspondences associated with food and Divinity, it's cultural connections, vibrational qualities of the color of foods, the importance of blessings, rituals, toasts, communal meals and sacred feasts. With this information, you can bring more energy to your meals, your spiritual work, and your connection with those around you. Class includes handouts, guided visualization and of course worksheets for your personal future use. 2 hours,

Star People w/ Kelley Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Do you feel like an outsider here, thinking of yourself as “just visiting”?  Do you feel that you don’t fit in? You may be more correct than you realize.  And, more importantly, you’re not alone.  Hundreds of people have similar feelings, closely matching personal histories and the same unexplained choices.  Explore the possibility that perhaps you, too, are from the stars.  Explore these new, or maybe very old, concepts in this unique class.  Fill out the questionnaire and open to new possibilities.  Warning: This class could cause you to rethink your paradigm.  Handouts and questionnaire included.  2 hours

Tarot & Magick w/Bill

When used properly, the tarot can be quite the potent magical tool, and yet most people only use it for divination. In fact, it’s a highly portable fully functioning temple. How can we use this information in a ritual context, and what exactly are the limits? In this two hour class, we will look at different techniques we can use with a tarot deck, and whether or not there are limitations. There are no prerequisites for the class, and handouts will be provided. $25 cash investment.

Studies in Tarot w/ Dr. Jason

“Studies in Tarot” is a series of classes designed by Jason to cover Tarot topics not covered in a beginning class. Please check calendars for current offerings. Classes are experiential, and in addition to new study topics in tarot, classes will include case studies, discussion, and tarot reading practice.  Each class stands on it’s own and covers various more advanced aspects of working with the Tarot. There will be practice as time allows, so bring your Tarot deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: Aces, Elements, and Court Cardsw/ Dr. Jason

The Aces, Elements, and Court Cards are connected in some very sophisticated ways. In this class we will explore some unique relationships: the elements and the aces, the aces and the court cards, the court cards and the parts of  the soul, the court cards and different worlds, the court cards and personalities, the aces and the pages, the court cards and time and space. From our discussion, we will be able to see how the personalities of the court cards connect to their elemental relationships. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: Aces, Elements, and Small Cards

 The Aces represent the root of the powers of the four elements. Each ace holds within in the energies of the smaller cards of the same suit. This can be useful when interpreting these cards. In this class we will explore how the aces, elements, and small cards are related and how they connect zodiac as well. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: Major Cards and the Cube of Space

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot and their 22 corresponding Hebrew letters can be organized around cube that describes our spiritual development and various tasks that must be undertaken as we move along our life’s journey. In this class, we will explore the map of the cube of space and how it relates to spiritual awakening. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: Major Cards and Paths on the Tree of Life

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot and the their 22 corresponding Hebrew letters can be organized along the paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Understanding the paths as they relate to these cards can provide several perspectives of our evolutionary journey and spiritual awakening. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: The Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands represents the element of fire as it relates to Qabalah. In this class we will explore both the Qabalistic and astrologic associations of the suit of wands. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups represents the element of water as it relates to Qabalah. In this class we will explore both the Qabalistic and astrologic associations of the suit of cups. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot Deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: The Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords represents the element of air as it relates to Qabalah. In this class we will explore both the Qabalistic and astrologic associations of the suit of swords. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot Deck! 2 hours,

Studies in Tarot: The Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth as it relates to Qabalah. In this class we will explore both the Qabalistic and astrologic associations of the suit of pentacles. We will have time for questions, discussion, and practice, so bring your Tarot Deck! 2 hours,

Symbols, The Goddess’s & Yours w/ Melina (Mel)

Symbols imprint on our conscious and subconscious minds, and we can focus on what we choose to imprint. The use of these symbols can help us go from an occasional connection with the Goddess to a strengthened bond. This two part interactive workshop is designed to assist you with your personal pathworking and will include a basis of symbols. Through a series of questions we will then be concentrating on how to choose your own symbols and methods for working with them. Session one includes a guided visualization. Due to workshop format, class size is limited to 8. 2 hours each evening,

The Tarot of the Zodiac w/ Bill

Do two of the more popular systems talk to one another? And, if so, how? What is the correlation between the tarot and the zodiac? How can this information be used to further your path? How can you use one to teach yourself the other? This class is intended to give a solid working knowledge of both so that the symbolism on tarot cards can help in interpretation of your (or a loved one's) birth chart and life plan. 2 hrs,

Topics in Meditation w/ Jason

As a response to the often heard statement, "I can't meditate," Jason has created a series of three classes titled Topics in Meditation. During these classes Jason will take you through some foundations for beginning a meditation practice as well as experiences with guided meditation, body scan, breath, visualization, posture, and sound. Don't give up on the profound gifts meditation has to offer. Enroll in one or all three today and come to understand that meditation isn't about trying but about experiencing mindfulness. These classes are experiential and include time for sharing, journaling, and experiences to provide immediate application of the techniques discussed. Each class is 2 hrs,

Topics for Meditation: Foundations and the Witness

In the foundations class, we will review what meditation is and is not as well as the health benefits associated with meditation. We will begin with a guided meditation to prepare us for our journey together and discuss mapping the body, getting comfortable, and scanning the body. We will also come to know our companion on the journey through meditation: The Witness.

Topics in Meditation: Breath, Posture, and Stillness

In this class on breath, posture, and stillness we will come to understand the role of posture and breathing in meditation as well as techniques for coming into stillness. We will begin with a guided meditation and breathing exercise to prepare us for our journey together.

Topics in Meditation: Cultivating Awareness

In this class we will explore the role of our mind in cultivating awareness of our thoughts, our emotions, and our bodies. We will explore ways to be aware, but un-identified with, these experiences as we move through a meditation practice and the rest of our daily lives. We will spend time recognizing, accepting, investigating, and cultivating detached awareness as we sit in respectful silence and observe ourselves. Come with a meditation cushion if you have one and be prepared to enjoy time sitting with yourself and others. 2 hours, $20

Topics in Meditation: Visualization and Sound:

Using visualization and sound can deepen our meditation practice. In this class we will discuss ways to incorporate both into our meditation practice by using images, mantra, seed thoughts, and affirmations. We will begin with a guided visualization to prepare us for our journey together.

Topics in Meditation: The Chakras

In this class, we will explore the role of meditation in visualizing and healing the chakras. We will begin with a guided meditation to prepare us for our journey together and then move to a discussion of the chakras, the various attributes of which can be the subject of concentration and contemplation. We will also take an opportunity to explore our chakras through a guided meditation. This class is experiential and includes time for sharing and experiences to provide immediate application of the techniques discussed.

Tour of Your Birthchart w/ Bill

This class will begin tailored classes that are held monthly. Each month a different planet will be discussed, and how it's position in your chart affects your life and the lives of those around you. This class will meet once a month for seven months, taking a trip through the entire "seven planets of the ancients." Each class will go in depth about that particular celestial body. What does it mean to know where your sun is located in your birth chart? Have an affinity for Mars? Come to the class. Do you like the moon and not Venus? Whatever your astrological tastes are, feel free to come and learn more about the sacred bodies of astrology. Each class is a stand- alone. They do not build one upon another. However, due to the fact that we will go in depth with where the sun is in particular charts, pre-registration is required. The class includes a FREE BIRTH CHART. Birth information must be submitted at least one week prior to the class each month. Each class is 2 hours in length,

Tour of Your Birthchart Weekend Intensive w/ Bill

This weekend intensive format is offered for those that are interested in what their astrological birth chart has to reveal about them! The astrological birth chart is a cosmic fingerprint of where things were in the sky when you were born, and this weekend intensive will go into depth about the combinations present in the sky at the time of your birth. We will go into detail about what your planet, sign, and house combinations say about you, and what information you can then bring forward into your life for greater empowerment. Sat & Sun from 10am-6pm. Saturday’s class will cover the planets Sun through Mars, and Sunday’s class will cover Jupiter through Pluto, including the planetoid Chiron, and a few features that are unique to astrology, such as your ascendant sign! Pre-registration at least a week ahead of time is a MUST, and with this you will receive a FREE BIRTH CHART with many pages of interpretation covering all of the above information!

Tree of Life – Framework of the Worlds w/Rachael Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

The Pattern known as the “Qabalistic Tree of Life” is, in fact, a detailed system for correlating and accessing the wisdom and organization of the Universe, on the inner and outer planes. This class is designed to help you become acquainted with the aspects of this unique grid and to begin to utilize it in your life. We focus on how this living tree impacts on our personal studies. No knowledge of Hebrew or classical Qabalah in required or covered in this session. See how the Tree connects Tarot, Astrology, the Planes of Existence, our spiritual ascent from matter to Source, complete thought processes and more. The Tree of Life offers us an understanding of how to navigate our course of spiritual development. Learn the basics to begin a lifetime of study. Class is 2 hours in length . Please register in advance, numerous handouts.

Tree of Life – The Paths Series w/ Rachael Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This series of classes was created in response to numerous requests by those attending the Spheres series. While the spheres are states of unique defined energetic frequencies, the paths are the connections, the movement occurring between them. The series is presented in 3 parts, as were the spheres, and studies the paths of each section of the Tree (Personality Connections, Higher Self, and Spiritual Self) in turn. Each class will last approximately 2 ½ hours and will have numerous handouts. . No knowledge of Hebrew or classical Qabalah is required, but is it recommended that the spheres class is taken first.

Tree of Life – The Spheres Series w/ Rachael Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This series of classes is the next step after “Tree of Life – Framework of the Worlds” class. As more and more people take the Framework class Deborah has been repeatedly asked to do a more detailed class series on the spheres of the Tree of Life. This series is designed to fulfill those requests. The classes are devoted to an in-depth study of the spheres on the Tree of Life. Each class will last approximately 2 ½ hours and will have numerous handouts. . No knowledge of Hebrew or classical Qabalah is required, but is it strongly recommended that the framework class is taken first.

Trees & Sacred Woods w/ Melina (Mel)

This class takes us into the magickal meanings/correspondences of trees, a look at tree spirits and what the parts of a tree symbolize. Along with a guided meditation, there will also be suggestions on tree ceremonies, magickal care of trees and ideas for what to do with fallen wood. Join us as we enter the tree kingdom! 2 hours,

Universal Laws & the Tarot Trumps w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Universal Laws are the underpinning truths of Life. Everything functions and reacts in accord with these Laws. The major tarot trumps embody some of these Laws that particularly pertain to our human position. An understanding of these laws, and how they are represented in the tarot trumps, provides us with vital information for our life’s journey. Insightful for both the person interested in general metaphysics and the tarot reader. Two hour class, Please register in advance, numerous handouts.

Universal Laws, An In-Depth Study, 4 Part Series w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

The Universal Laws provide the framework and the outline for all functions and actions on the physical and non-physical planes. This series looks at Universal Laws in great depth. The Laws are grouped by those that affect all manifested and unmanifested life, those that affect all manifested life, those that affect free-will beings, and those that affect our spiritual progress. Each class in series lasts 2 1/2 hours . Numerous handouts.

Wednesday Evening Discussion Group w/ Charlie

A return of a favorite. These discussion groups have an evening focus and all are encouraged to bring information to share to the gathering. The current topic is listed in the monthly calendar. Group will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Love Donation is suggested.

What is Hermeticism? w/ Bill

Hermeticism is a long standing western world spiritual system that is also known as ‘The Royal Art.’ It has been used by advisors to rulers for centuries, and can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt. While modern Hermeticism encompasses more than it has in the past, there are strong roots in certain areas of metaphysics and magick that give us insight into not only our past as a spiritual species, but also into ourselves. Hermeticism can also provide structure to work within without being too restrictive, which can be of strong value when one is coalescing their spiritual paradigm. In this introductory class the arts of Hermeticism will be addressed, both historical and contemporarily, and a clear understanding of what is and what isn’t Hermeticism will also be addressed. There is no prerequisite for this class. 2 hours

Working with Crystals & Stones, the Basics w/ Kelley Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This workshop is designed to assist the individual to develop a comfortable working relationship with crystals and stones. We will discuss the various methods of selecting stones for yourself and others, how to cleanse and charge your stones and crystals, and ways to use these gifts of the mineral kingdom to enhance your spiritual journey. Everyone will get practical hands-on experience and leave the class with complimentary stones that have been cleansed and charged. This is an introductory workshop, Deborah also teaches an in-depth 5 week intensive course on Gemstone-Crystal Healing (Please see “Gemstone Crystal Energy Classes). Introductory workshop lasting 2½ hours. Please register in advance, numerous handouts.

Working with Pendulums w/ Karen W. Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

Pendulum work gives us the opportunity to access wisdom and insight from deep within ourselves. People use pendulums to gain information previously consciously unknown to them through a reliable, repeatable method. Learn techniques to get the best results from pendulum work. Included in the price of the class is a FREE stone pendulum and solid color satin bag, a $20+ value. Connect up with your own inner source of wisdom and power. , 2 hours, handouts. Please register in advance.

Your Magickal Motto, Your Magickal Name w/ Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.

This class is designed to provide you with the purpose, the power and the intent behind choosing a magickal name or motto. Several mottoes and names will be discussed as examples. The energy of your magickal work moves through the lens of your identity. Choose carefully, choose wisely. Get detailed information and insight on this most important magickal act. Class lasts approximately 2 hours . Please register in advance, handouts.

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