Coming Soon! Plaid Friday!

Pathways Plaid Friday

Plaid Friday at Pathways

Celebrate Plaid Friday with your Family – or- Your Family of Friends!
What’s up with the plaid you ask? Plaid is a symbol. Just like its unique colors are woven together to create a pattern, plaid – in this case – represents unique independent and local businesses woven together to form strong communities. By choosing to shop local and independent instead of “box” or “chain” stores, more money is rolled back into your local community. That $50 you spent at the local bookstore, helps pay those employees, which in turn is spent at the local restaurant or another business. The more spent locally equals the more invested in your neighbors – everyone wins.
Remember the times you could go out for coffee or lunch with friends during the holiday season? Enjoy leisurely shopping or looking at local decorations?
This year, let’s sleep in and skip that 4am alarm clock. Instead, make a lunch date. Drive your mom or dad around to look at decorations. Phone a friend for happy hour.
Take back Black Friday – make it PLAID instead and spend it and your hard-earned dollars with those you love.
Watch for our flyers which are printed by Gene-Del printing, a locally owned business.

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