Seasons of Sabbats

A Sabbat kit for Mabon

Days left to till Mabon


Do you miss celebrating your sabbat holidays?

Do you want to get back in tune with the seasons?

Don't have time or know what to gather for a sabbat?

Everything you need is in the kit! No need to:

  • Track down all of the components.
  • Look up or figure out the correspondences for the holiday
  • You even get a guided meditation!


Use our kits to:

  • Advance your personal spiritual journey.
  • Deepen your connection to source energy
  • Be a source of strength during times of uncertainty


Your Mabon Kit, valued at over $75, will include:

Your kit will include special hand picked items to create and charge your space, prepare yourself and keep the magick going!

  • Hand-blended, witch-crafted Incense
  • Charcoal tablet
  • Ways to extend the season of Mabon, sent directly to your inbox
  • Candle
  • Oils
  • Specially chosen gemstones
  • A handpicked surprise is every kit!
  • A sabbat tarot spread

An exclusive Pathways-created, collectible booklet – to celebrate the season and add to your own personal book of shadows – or use with your friends at future sabbats. Your booklet also contains these bonus links:

  • Links to our online resources
  • A video on how to burn your incense on charcoal
  • A video about the featured stone
  • A guided meditation for Mabon

Kit Options

Mabon Kit + Large Candle

Mabon Kit + Small Candle

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