Oscillating Sound Meditation- Friday, March 8 & 22; $15 ea, 7-8 pm

NEW!! OSM: Oscillating Sound Meditation with Kim
In this one hour “working” meditation, you will have the opportunity to experience a vast array of sound vibrational Instruments that offer to you a pathway to create whatever it is you need from the universe, the source, the oneness in the moment. It includes crystal bowls, alchemy bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drums, and many others. Through your personal intention created in the moment, this experience will allow you to tap deep into your somatic being/Spirit, your cells, tissue, bone etc. If you choose you will connect with the sounds that are above the earth and into the cosmos, and deep below the earth into the iron core Crystal. This sound/vibration that is created is that which already exists within us. Each session is different as we are different because the energy is different. I look forward to seeing you! Much gratitude and light, Kim.

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