Rachael’s graduate work was in Religious Studies and Philosophy; she loves ancient languages and has advanced studies in Latin and Greek.  She began ministry work 24 years ago and has been an ardent student of spirituality and religions since childhood.  She has been a teacher and guest speaker in various venues across the Midwest, including being a guest speaker at Washington University for three years.She is in her 5th year of studies with Christopher Penczak and an Honored Member of the Temple of Witchcraft.  She is a Priestess and co-founder of the St Louis coven Vadoma, and has been actively involved with planning and leading the group’s Esbats (Full Moon rituals) and Sabbats (Wheel of the Year rituals) over the last four years.
She loves exploring divinity through Tarot, the Runes, and the Tree of Life.  She has been exploring the healing modalities and spiritual cosmology through Shamanism over the last two years.She lives in St Louis and enjoys drumming (both in Circles and in a local band), figure skating, hiking in the woods, and raising her family with her best friend; her husband.Upon graduation in March 2014, she will become a High Priestess in the Temple of Witchcraft and has plans under way to begin teaching Temple of Witchcraft courses in St Louis at Pathways.

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