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Since many of our items are new to customers, we have elected to focus some of our energy on providing background information sheets.  These will serve as a starting point for research and interest.  While we have the sheets in the store, we have to charge for them there to cover the cost of printing.  Please feel free to download these for personal use or to share with friends.  We have the items referred to on these sheets for sale at Pathways in many beautiful forms and price points.  If you’re interested please contact us for more details and watch for updated links to our upcoming on-line store. We’ve also included some informative articles Deborah had written as well as some information on Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church, of which Deborah was the founding ordained minister.


Icon of Oils Oils 12 files

Magickal Oils Handout

Icon of Pathways Info Pathways Info 2 files

Icon of Resources Resources 14 files

Amulets and Talismans Handout
Colors And Candles
Feng Shui Tools
Feng Shui Tools
72.5 KiB
Safety Guidelines Herb Handout 2011
Smudging Handout
Smudging Handout
73.7 KiB
Stones Their Uses Handout

Icon of Articles Articles 4 files

Icon of Memories Memories 1 file

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