Shop Small, Shop Local with Small Business Saturday (& weekend!) November 24 & 25

It’s no surprise to anyone that big box stores are a huge part of the retail market, but did you know that Small Businesses & Startups are making a huge comeback? (Especially in St Louis! In an effort to support their own communities and put money back into their own neighborhoods, more and more consumers are supporting small business!

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a chain store only $14 stays in your community? If that $100 is spent online, only $1 stays in your community (but that’s only if the delivery driver lives locally). On the other hand, when you shop local $48 of that $100 gets funneled right back into your neighborhood! All of this just seems like numbers and statistics, right? Let’s put a face on this.

Let’s say you spend $100 at your favorite shop; for sake of an example, let’s say Pathways. So, you come in and buy some great jewelry or stones or books for your favorite people and Karen waits on you and rings up your sale. Karen gets her paycheck and decides to eat at Soco’s Gyros (not uncommon) or takes one of her fur babies (she has a thing for Shelties) to the local vet; all of these folks benefit from Karen shopping local too. The money gets spread around and a lot of people in your neighborhood end up benefitting from your purchase.

How about taking it a step further? So again, you’re shopping at your favorite store (for ease of explanation, let’s say it’s Pathways) and you decide to pick up a **really** special gift because it’s made by a local artisan! So again, that money does double duty because the artisan gets paid and the employee gets paid. Again putting a face on things…you might choose some great stained glass by Isis Glassworks, Leather items by Martin, Etched glass by Julia, Fractal Burned art by Warren, magickal items by Mickie Mueller, wooden wands by Ravenwood Inspired- the list goes on….
In short, we’d love for you to shop at Pathways- but you know what? We’d settle for you shopping ANYWHERE LOCAL- because you know what? We’re all in this together.

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