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Being a bookstore, our books cover a wide range from personal growth/recovery and development of psychic skills to health, earth religions, eastern thought and on into UFO’s, astrology, angels, channeled material, magick, wicca and more. Currently, Pathways is expanding their publishers and distributors in order to be able to offer “hard to find” titles as well as international offerings.

As far as CD’s, we offer eclectic music, new age to world alternative to Native American and Celtic. For a personal development focus, we also offer CD’s of guided meditation, subliminal offerings for brain development and mantras (chanting). We have demo CD’s of most titles so you can “try before you buy”.

We have a “Free Discount Buyers Club” which rewards loyal customers. This program keeps track of our customers’ in-store purchases of books, music, jewelry, stones, candles, incenses, oils and divination decks (our largest selling categories) and for every $250 spent over any length of time, a $20 coupon is given to the customer for their selection of store items or services. For our on-line customers we have elected to conduct on-line specials and various other surprises as our way of saying “thank you” as an independent, local business. After all, it is our loyal customers that have kept us in business for over 31 years!

We have a stunning array of gemstones and crystals, all hand selected by Ken and/or Melina for the unique beauty and energy of each specimen. We have everything from inexpensive tumbled stones to gorgeous polished spheres, points and sacred shapes. Many of our pieces are truly museum quality. After working with international vendors for several years, we are often able to get great prices on many “hard to find” stone specimens.

We have a unique and beautiful array of jewelry. Some are one-of-a-kind pieces. We also have hand-selected stones and polished points. We support cottage businesses in the United States and much of our beautiful jewelry comes from independent artists and families from all across our country.

We have incense from around the world – India, Japan, Tibet, Europe, Middle East, Africa, United States and Native American – the finest sticks, cones and resins are gathered together and available at Pathways. We also have the highest quality botanicals we could locate. Herbs, roots, barks, flowers, seeds, either grown in the wild or organically grown have been gathered from the world over. None have been chemically sprayed or irradiated. If you have a favorite botanical, we invite you to compare the quality of what we offer. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

One brief word regarding minors. We do not sell botanicals to them. We feel that any item that could be taken internally requires education, maturity and wisdom before use. We also do not sell books on subjects such as tantra, altered consciousness, western magick or witchcraft to them (although we honor them as viable paths) without the presence or expressed approval of their parents. We are not here to bring strife to families, but hopefully to assist in their growth and understanding.

We have several tarot and oracle decks for sale. In some cases, we will also have “sample” cards or decks to look at before you make your purchase. We have a few high end/limited edition decks from time to time (often sealed in original packaging)- ask us what we currently have.

We have candles suited for every purpose, from plain solid color candles, votives and candles in glass to candles with oils designed for special uses. We also have a variety of essential oils, flower essences and extracts that we personally use and enjoy. In line with our policy of having the highest quality items we can locate, our wind chimes, notecards, and calendars are truly the best we could find. We support local Missouri artists and have several items in our store on consignment to give them the opportunity to become better known and to display their talents. Some of these items include stained glass, etched glass, orgonite, ritual wands, ritual journals, ritual pens hand blended ritual oils, leather goods and fractal burn wood art.

In the area of services we offer both private, personal sessions as well as a calendar of in-store events. On the personal side, by appointment, we have private tarot consultations, astrology sessions, gemstone-crystal balancings and energy-field work. On various days we have different gifted readers available for our customers. Please check our monthly calendar for current availability.

Gemstone-crystal balancings are 1-2 hour interactive sessions in which various semi-precious gemstones are placed on a person’s body over their chakras (inter-dimensional energy vortexes that connect a person’s physical self, via corresponding endocrine glands, with their finer selves – etheric, astral bodies etc.) in order to bring a balance, alignment and harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their lives. This approach is sought after by those who wish to align their chakras, attune their finer bodies, direct healing energies, enhance contact with Spirit Guides and Teachers, or access and review past lives.

Energy field work is of the same nature as that practiced by many holistically oriented nurses and other health care practitioners. It is aimed at clearing, vitalizing and balancing the client’s energy field. This field consists of the aura (the energy field around our bodies), the chakras (as described above), and the meridians of the body (the energy flow within the body that serves as the basis for acupuncture/acupressure effectiveness). Practitioners available at Pathways use various modalities, such Holy Fire II Reiki.

On the last Sunday of the month we have an In-Store Psychic Fair with free admission and free lectures. We have guest psychics in doing $15 mini-readings. These are great fun and provide the opportunity for people to connect with some of the better psychics in the area. Our readers are at the fair by invitation (not because they have paid for a space) and are invited because of the accuracy, sincerity and compassion they display when doing their work.

Occasional evening discussion groups are free, with the option of a love donation. These groups are designed to give a time and space for people on their spiritual journey to share thoughts, ideas and questions with others of a like mind. These are of a wide range and format for we believe all paths lead to the Godhead and a better openness and understanding of others frequently leads to a more clear understanding of ourselves. Please check our calendar of events for the current month for latest information.

Classes and workshops are available for a very nominal charge on a wide range of topics and special guest readers are invited in on selected Saturdays and Sundays, all detailed in our monthly calendar section. And, of course, there are the inevitable surprises, special events and sales that are on the calendar and website as well.

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