Stones and Jewelry

Memorial ash pendant

Ancestor and Pet Memorial Pendants

These Stainless Steel pendants are perfect for holding ashes of loved ones and pets. Also available: a Memorial windchime (does ...
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multi colored egg candles

How to Use Egg Shaped Stones & Candles

How to Use Egg Shaped Stones & Candles for Spring Equinox or Any New Beginning   In 2020 the Spring ...
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Pewter Bird skulls

Samhain is coming! Are you working with Crow or Raven energy?

Samhain is coming! Are you working with Crow or Raven energy? Use these pewter fetishes to draw in Raven and ...
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Deborah Bourbon's personal collection, chatoyant jade sphere

We will be closed July 4, but here’s some Deborah goodies for you to look forward to seeing after the holiday (maybe)

We are continuing to work through some of Deborah's possessions that she wanted to be sold, so here are two ...
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Pink Amethyst gemstones

NEW! Pink Amethyst!

Pink Amethyst gemstones Pink Amethyst Natural rosy quartz geodes were recently discovered in beautiful Patagonia, Argentina and exude beautiful tones ...
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gemstone bracelets

15 Pounds – yes, POUNDS of bracelets!!

Yes, it's true - that's 226 chunky gemstone bracelets! Multiple stones with multiple properties. These make great gifts and guys ...
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Bottle preview

Pathways & Gemstone Well Event!!

Gemstone Well Bottle at Pathways New Age Books & Gifts Ok friends, we can finally share the news! A couple ...
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tiny cauldrons sterling silver

New Pagan Jewelry

Tiny Cauldrons, moonstone pentagrams, goddesses, triple moons & more! All set in sterling silver with semi-precious stones ...
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Ken has been busy putting out new gemstones!

tektites malachite charoite carnelian ...
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abradorite and moonstone rings

New Jewelry!

We'll just leave this right here.... point pendants, rose quartz, black tourmaline and opalite owl rings garnet eyes labradorite pendants ...
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easter gemstone eggs

Stone Eggs are in – just in time for Easter!

easter gemstone eggs We had sold through just about all of our egg inventory at Ostara/Spring Equinox, but now have ...
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MMMMMMM.....Amber..... Amber: helps the body to heal itself, manifests desires into realities. Absorbs and transmutes negative energy into positive. Stimulating ...
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