Pink Opal pendants! New Stock August 2021

pink opal

These creamy pink opal pendants have such a gentle, peaceful energy. (This is not a stone that you would want to charge in sunlight. Opal contains water and the stone will dry out over time which causes it to become fragile and brittle.)

Some metaphysical qualities are:

Activates and unlocks our heart chakra. Helps with resolving sadness, especially that of a broken heart such as a breakup or loss of a loved one. This crystal pushes us to look within, and strengthen our connection to our inner self. Pink Opal is a great stone for any child who has anxieties, fear, or shyness holding them back from starting their life. This stone calms both a child’s – AND- an adult’s mind and offers up vibrations to open the heart.

Looking for a ritual idea? Use this stone for self-love and healing the inner child.

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