Ancestor Designs have arrived in our Swag Shop!

We have two new designs for t-shirts and swag-

including one you can PERSONALIZE!

Personalized Autumn Leaves: A Unique Tribute

Our first design offers a personalized touch to your remembrance. Featuring a backdrop of rich, autumn leaves in all their fiery glory, this design allows you to add the name of your choice above the phrase “Hail the Ancestors.” Whether you choose to honor a cherished family member, a dear friend, or an ancestor whose legacy has inspired you, this personalized design offers a unique and heartfelt tribute.

The autumn leaves symbolize the beauty of change and the wisdom that comes with the passing of time. It’s a reminder that, just like the leaves, our loved ones may have left this earthly realm, but their presence continues to color our lives.

Skull with Flowers: A Tribute to Life’s Endless Cycle

Our first design features a beautifully adorned skull entwined with vibrant flowers. This striking image captures the essence of life’s cyclical nature – the delicate balance between life and death. The skull, often associated with mortality, is softened by the presence of blossoming flowers, symbolizing the renewal and beauty that can be found even in the most profound transitions.

The “Hail the Ancestors” message beneath the design serves as a reminder to honor and remember those who came before us. This design is not only a visual delight but also a poignant representation of the eternal connection between the living and the departed.

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