Special faceted clear quartz pendants! New Stock August 2021

faceted quartz crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal – the unsung hero of the gemstone world. As a natural amplifier of energy, quartz is a great “booster” stone to add some ooomf to your workings or meditations.

Other qualities of quartz crystal are:

Clear Quartz is the most evolved energy of mineral kingdom. This crystal amplifies, focuses, stores, collects, projects, transfers, and transforms energy. It amplifies body energy and thoughts; enabling thought to more clearly influence matter. It is used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals, nonphysical intelligent forces and other worldly Masters, Teachers, and Healers. Clear Quartz creates altered states of consciousness and stimulates and amplifies all psychic abilities. This crystal clears and activates energy centers of body, purifies bodies, and heals negativity. It enhances and protects the aura while amplifying the energy field of body. It has been used extensively in spiritual development, meditation, and healing. Clear Quartz renders
negative energy impotent, dissolves enchantments and spells, destroys all black magic and energy not “of the Light”.

Ritual suggestion: Can’t wear a pentagram in public? Check out our pentagram-cut quartz pendants and “fly” under the radar!

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