Horoscopes are up for January 2020!



Horoscopes for the month!

January 2020 Horoscopes are up! See what’s in store for your sun sign this month!

Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st)

Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st): Early January 2020 may bring some opportunities for expansion through adaptation and communication, but these may be fleeting, so it would be wise to carpe diem whenever possible, because a second chance may not come back around. You may also find that your temper is shorter than normal and that you may be more accident prone if you rush through things, so it would be wise to ease into the new year. As the month progresses, you may discover that wanderlust replaces the aforementioned opportunities, but that conflicts with the growing needs of the career, so finding a middle ground may take extra work. The romantic life may also take some adjustments, but if executed, you may discover that it turns out better than planned.

Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st)

Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st): The beginning of January 2020 may bring an emphasis on letting go of things that have been causing you stress and tension over the last several weeks, but if you’re not careful, things may go out with a bang, whether intentional or not. When it comes to romance and creativity though, those may be stronger than normal, so before you release, make sure you see things clearly. As the month moves forward, the emphasis may change to the career and overall direction of life, but specifically the communication and adaptability it takes to get there. Challenges may abound when it comes to your social circles, but shifting your energy to individuality rather than conformity may be the appropriate medicine for what ails you.

Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice)

Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice): Spiritual and emotional challenges and irritations may be the way January begins, so it would be wise to face what needs to be faced, and to adjust through discipline and focus when necessary. You may also find love and money easily flowing to you through your circle of friends and developing your individuality. As the month progresses, a period of healing may be just around the bend, but before you get there, you may find it necessary to be honest with yourself and confront your personal demons that have to do with your identity and spirituality. Talking things over with trusted confidants may be the best solution, and you may discover that the solution lies in what is best for all, not just you.

Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st)

Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st): With all of the action currently in Capricorn, you may find this is a time of great tension. While this does happen every year to a lesser extent, this is the time it reaches a crescendo. Even though you may just want to retreat and hide in fantasy land, that is the worst decision that could be made, so it would be wise to adapt, change, and grow, in order to carry yourself to your greatest growth and good. As the month progresses, you may find things ease up a bit, but only as it applies to communication. Your intuition may be on point though, especially when it comes to being your guiding light for emotional and spiritual healing.

Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st)

Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st): Irritation may be the keyword for the beginning of January, as you may find tension present when it comes to love, friends, and money through modern means, so it would be wise to let go of the desire to control, and learn to accept things as they are. After all, the career and overall direction of life are now requiring a lot of minor adjustments in the name of success. As the month progresses, you may discover that a sense of optimism helps to orient for the new year, and that with humility and clear sight, a lot of healing can be accomplished over the next few years, focused primarily on the ego and consciousness in general. Tension may also be present when it comes to communicating with friends.


Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox)

Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox): For all of you Virgos out there that like to indulge in your Virgo traits, this is the month to do so. January 2020 starts off with so much emphasis on the career and maneuvering into a position for physical world success that you may feel overwhelmed with possibilities and potential, so if you stay grounded, you may find that not only does this set the tone for the month, it may also set the tone for the year. When January marches forward though, things may shift, and not necessarily for the smoother. You may find challenges and growth opportunities come your way that have to do with emotions, honesty, spirituality, and creativity. In other words, it would be wise to temper what you do at the beginning of the month, so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of headaches towards the end.

Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st)

Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st): Talking to friends and making money through acquaintances may be the beginning of January 2020, or it could possibly be that the weirder you get, the more things fall in line for you, but in either case, this may be what the doctor ordered to take your mind off of the challenges in the workplace and overall direction of life. The ongoing transformation is heating up, so having a stress relief technique in place may be of substantial use. As the month moves forward though, you may notice things ease up quite a bit. While it would be wise to play things financially safe when it comes to your career, your spirituality and social contacts may provide you with many opportunities for further growth later this year.


Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st)

Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st): Things may have a very interesting start to the month, as you may find friendships challenged in general, the emotions stronger than normal, and your temper shorter, so the escape may be to focus on the career and occupation, since things are rolling along nice and smoothly there. Your intuition and spirituality may be stronger than normal as well, giving you the sacred center you require for success. As the month moves forward, you may find the temper lengthens and the challenges with friends changes from emotional to communicative. This may provide some relief though, and because of that, things having to do with your career may take off, to start the year on a high note.

Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice)

Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice): Emotionally and spiritually may be out of sorts at the moment, but love and money may be rolling along quite nicely as long as you stay true to yourself. Your overall direction in life may be a focal point, especially as it has to do with the minor adjustments necessary to achieve success, so it would be wise to evaluate and plan so that you can maximize your gain. When the Sun changes signs, you may find that the emotional challenges lessen, and that things get better overall. While your career may still be a focal point, it will not require as much effort or attention as it did at the beginning of the month. You may also feel a second wind in your sails, enabling you to get more done than planned.

Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st)

Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st): Happy birthday Capricorns! This is your month to shine and to stop and enjoy life. Really, this first part of the month, I’ve got nothing for you, because everything is going along well, and anything that needs addressed are small in the grand scheme of things, so just do you for the first few weeks, make the minor adjustments where necessary, and that’s about it. However, as the month progresses, you may find that you sense a call for change. This is a gradual process that will unfold over the next few months, and will set the stage for the next few years. In short, what is calling for your attention may have to do with how you spiritually grow, how you handle your emotions, and how you handle the emotions of others,, so it would be wise to practice compassion and humility in order to achieve forward motion.

Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st)

Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st): January 2020 starts off on a positive note, as love and money may be bringing you many beneficial things in general, so it would be wise to be an opportunist. Your temper may be temporarily shorter than normal, causing you to be more accident prone, but this will be short lived. Things will most likely improve over the month, and with those improvements may come a sense of optimism and joy, especially as truthfulness and directness are practiced. Communication may be highlighted later in the month, and spending time with friends may be the perfect medicine. Some minor adjustments may be requested regarding your overall direction in life, but this will ease up as the month moves forward.

Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox)

Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox): Can you manifest, Pisces? Can you produce physical results from your inspiration and creativity? Or are you just living in delusional spiritual fantasyland? This is the major focal point for the beginning of January 2020, because you are in the perfect spot to manifest physical results based on your spiritual and emotional vision, but if you’re not putting in the leg work, filling out the correct forms, and interacting with the institutions of society necessary to achieve this success, then delusion is all you have. Have no fear though, because January will march forward, and as it does, you may find the emphasis shifts to a space of clear thinking brought about by spiritual changes and being honest with yourself and others. Through the whole month, if you stay focused on where you are going in life, things will work out for the best. Oh, and stay grounded. Spiritual fantasyland is toxic if overindulged.

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