Minerva’s Owl pendants Made in Greece

Minerva's owl made in Greece sterling silver pendant
Minerva’s owl made in Greece sterling silver pendant

Minerva’s Owl pendants

Made in Greece

These cute owls are sterling silver and hand-carried all the way from Greece. (please note, eyes are acrylic)

Minerva, also known as Pallas, was the Greek deity born out of the head of Jupiter in fully grown form. Cecrops announced that whoever of the two deities, Minerva and Neptune, produced the best gift for creation would be honored with a city to be named after the winner. Neptune produced a horse, and Minerva grew an olive tree from the ground and won the prize. She is considered the deity of wisdom, art, and the patroness of all the sciences beneficial for mankind. She is portrayed as armed, in standing form, with a smiling face with a spear in her right hand and with her feet like the claws of an owl. Her feet symbolize her cunning for the hunt and wisdom like an owl.


Source: Famous Owls in Mythology – A Knowledge Archive (infomory.com)


“Many important ideals and notions are embodied by Minerva, and she is most importantly the goddess of wisdom. Furthermore, Minerva is the goddess of philosophy, music, medicine, and law in Roman mythology, which underscores why she was highly visible in the contexts of education, civics, and the state in ancient Rome. Minerva is often depicted with an owl, an animal that traditionally represented wisdom, which explains why it was associated with Minerva, goddess of wisdom and philosophy. Minerva is associated with the nightingale because she is credited with the invention of the flute. Minerva is also the goddess of arts, weaving, and handicrafts; therefore, she was one of the most prominent goddesses in Roman cultural contexts and was also a role model for Roman women.”


Source: Minerva, Roman Goddess Symbols & Family Tree | What is Minerva the Goddess of? | Study.com

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