November 2021 horoscopes are here!

horoscopes, zodiac signs, astrology
horoscopes, zodiac signs, astrology

November Horoscopes from International astrologer, Bill Duvendack!


Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st)
Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st): You may find that November starts off with some opportunities for long-term success when it comes to love, money, or both. You may find you have a desire for a lot of travel, and it would be wise to indulge. Communication may be tense, though, so it would be wise to be diplomatic. As the month progresses, you may find challenges come to the surface when it comes to your profession and love life, but you may also sense an air of optimism, which will bring with it opportunities in December. You may also find expansion and prosperity through your social circles and groups, so it would be wise to talk to people to make connections for the sake of maneuvering into a better position in life.
Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st)
Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st): November may be a particularly intense time that triggers a lot of changes in your life, especially when it comes to business, enjoying your passions and the transformation process. It would be wise to watch your temper and do your best to avoid accidents in general. Burying yourself in your daily routine could produce a much-needed distraction. For the first half of the month, it is also wise to watch what you eat. As the month moves forward, you may find some of the tension dissipates, giving way to professional opportunities for advancement if you play your cards right. However, you may also find that it is wise to keep your social circles small and watch what you spend when you’re with friends.
Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice)
Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice): November 2021 begins with a lot of inspiration in the air that you can grasp, so it would be wise to bring your creativity and ideas down into a workable plan. While your romantic relationships may be challenged, and money through your investments may be tight, you may find that these issues are short-lived and pass by mid-month. As the month matures, you may discover that tension eases up to be replaced with the sense of something in the air and that something is tension in communication and other life areas that are on the horizon. This happens every year, though, so there is nothing to be worried about. For the whole month, you may find it wise to explore profitable connections through your friends and social circles.  
Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st)
Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st): If you have been looking into a good time for increasing and stepping into your own personal power, this November is the time. You may find that this is a month of spiritual initiations, as well as positively working with your emotions. You may also be drawn to indulging in your creature comforts, and while that is fine, make sure you don’t take it to excess. As November progresses, you may find that there is tension in the career regarding money. You may also find your romantic relationships require some maturity and initiative to take things to the next level. Your emotions may be running high towards the end of the month, and while this will pass quickly, you may find it wise to funnel them into something productive.
Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st)
Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st): While Jupiter and Saturn have been moving through Aquarius, Leos have been facing tension and challenges, and November may be the month that major changes are triggered as the sun and Mars moves through Scorpio, so it would be wise to enter the month relaxed and receptive. However, you may find that there are opportunities for long-term growth and prosperity when it comes to your investments and romantic possibilities. As November moves on, you may see that your professional life and career require a lot of adjustments for growth, but if you make them, the potential they offer are large payoffs. It is also worth noting that the later it gets in the month, the more your emotions may tend towards the darker side of things, so it would be wise to indulge in the uplifting and inspiring.
Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox)
Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox): There may be a little extra spring in your step as November begins, so enjoy it while it lasts. You may find your emotions are stronger and higher than normal and that your business is flowing along nice and smoothly, freeing up your energy for other fun projects. Play it safe and conservative when it comes to investments and romance, though, but you will be able to ease up on that control later in the month. Speaking of, the later it gets in November, the more you may find things continue to roll along well not only in your daily work life but also in the overall direction of where your life is going. Opportunities for financial growth through your career may come up, and you may find that by taking control of your love life, you can take things to the next level if you want.
Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st)
Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st): Communication and adaptability may be the two major themes as November begins, so it would be wise to play to your strengths. Your investments may be rolling along nice and smooth now, too, and you may find freedom when it comes to affairs of the heart. With the right interpersonal moves, you may find you can put yourself in a position for long-term success through networking. As November marches on, you may find things begin to ease up even more, bringing easy-flowing success. However, before that occurs in early November, you may find that challenges are present when it comes to love, emotions, and money through your career. Being proactive in all of those areas would be wise to do, and working with your spiritual side is a wise way to proceed.
Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st)
Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st): Happy birthday, Scorpios! This is your month, so enjoy it! As November begins, you may sense all things related to Scorpio are in the air and stronger than they have been in about two years, so the urge to self-indulge may be strong. Emotionally you may find you are on top of the world as the month begins, so it would be wise to put that energy to good use. As November moves on, you may find that the Scorpio energy continues, but now the attention turns towards the career and where you are going in life. This may also roll over to your love life, as you may note that through growth, you and your loved one(s) enhance the overall relationship. Your intuition may be stronger than normal at the end of the month as well, so it would be wise to go with your gut when appropriate.
Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice)
Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice): While good things may be going your way in general, with a sense of optimism in the air, you may find the beginning of November brings disjointed and challenged emotions, but this will pass by the first weekend of the month. Communication and adaptability will be the two most beneficial skills to use to achieve success, especially when it comes to your personal relationships. As November moves on, you may find it is necessary to make a lot of small adjustments, but these are brief adjustments, as December will bring with it many opportunities for success and good vibes all around. Opportunities for good things to come your way in your social circles may be prevalent for the whole month, meaning that the more you are an opportunist, the more you can achieve.
Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st)
Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st): Emotionally, you may feel good about the beginning of the month, and as the month unfolds, you may find that optimism is warranted. Communication may be challenged in your personal relationships, but this will fade within the first week. As November grows, you may find that many good things come your way, not only in your professional life but also in your romantic relationships. Money through the workplace and an increase in business may be two things you can count on, but towards the end of the month, your emotions may be tense. Know that this is short-lived and will pass quickly. One of the main themes of the month, in general, is adaptation in the workplace and career in light of new opportunities, and when it comes to your personal life, you may find it wise to indulge in your passions but not to overdo it.
Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st)
Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st): Blessings, good vibes, and all things beneficial are in the air for Aquarians as November starts, so it would be wise to enjoy them and to seize opportunities as they arise. Even though there will be challenges present, especially when it comes to a short temper and accidents, this will be outweighed by the positive influences present. To be safe, though, play it safe when you’re taking care of your daily business. Communication challenges may greet you the closer we get to the month, and because of this, you may want to step back a bit from the 20th through the 23rd or so, just to cover your bases. Take heed, though, as December will bring with it a lot of positivity and smooth flowing results in your life.
Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox)
Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox): Even though November starts with emotional tension, you may find in spite of that, you are in a strong position for emotional growth, change, and spiritual initiation. The energy in the air favors business and passion, and by being proactive, you can maximize your gain. As the month progresses, things go from good to exceptional, and even though you may sense something coming in the air, that won’t arrive until the middle of December, so there is plenty of time to roll with the good things coming your way and to grab the emotional and spiritual opportunities when they arise. Clarity of vision regarding your life and spirituality may be prevalent, revealing the path going forward.
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