Black Copal Resin 1/2 oz


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Black Copal Resin 1/2 oz



Common Names: Black copal

Botanical Name: Protium copal

Origin: Mexico

In the language of the Nahuatl Indians, the word kopali means ‘incense.’ Copal used in the religious rites of Mexico’s indigenous peoples, including the Mayans, the Mexica, the Aztecs and more. Shamans burned dried CopalĀ  Pieces just as if they were dried herbs, and then inhaled the smoke in order to commune with their gods.

When burned outdoors, whole Copal Pieces give off a resinous smell that is pleasant to humans, but not to insect pests. Sliced Copal pieces can be melted down and used as a non-toxic adhesive for broken pottery as well.

Magickally, we recommend black copal is used for purposes such as cleansing, getting rid of negativity, banishing and exorcisms. Want to know how much to use? The Pathways phrase is, ‘smoke the shit out of it.’ Make lots of smoke, folks. Lots.

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