Oracle of the Hekatean Path


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Oracle of the Hekatean Path

The Guide. The Lady of Darkness. She Who Holds the Keys of the Cosmos. The goddess Hekate is known by many epithets among those who follow her path and are inspired by her teachings. This oracle deck channels her divine energy into sixty cards with profound power. The cards will act as torches for your journey through the dark, inspiring you to overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Kenn Payne is a founding member, a torchbearer, and keybearer for the Covenant of Hekate. He created and acted as the original editor of the Covenant’s ezine and has contributed to Pagan anthologies. He is the High Priest of the Birch Moon Coven and hosts a monthly Hekate group. In 2020, he established The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos. Learn more at

(27) The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos – YouTube

Christopher Butler is an artist who has been fascinated with tarot for more than thirty years. He has illustrated Quantum TarotHealing Light TarotHealing Light Lenormand, and other decks. In 2013, he was awarded Artist of the Year by Kindred Spirit Magazine in recognition for outstanding artistic contributions in the Mind, Body, Spirit field. Visit him at


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