Show and Tell with Mel – Historical Witchcraft books

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“Show and Tell with Mel” – Historical Witchcraft Books

Are you looking for something with a bit more “meat” and history to it?

In this video, learn about this very limited series of scholarly works.

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 While the quality of publications on witchcraft has been high, some regions and topics have received less attention over the years. The aim of this series is to help illuminate these lesser known or little studied aspects of the history of witchcraft and magic. It will also encourage the development of a broader corpus of work in other related areas of magic and the supernatural, such as angels, devils, spirits, ghosts, folk healing and divination. To help further our understanding and interest in this wider history of beliefs and practices, the series will include research that looks beyond the usual focus on Western Europe and that also explores their relevance and influence from the medieval to the modern period.

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