Ummm….why are there stones in your pockets?

Everybody needs a little lovin’ now and again…

Some of us actually get asked this question-although being in the metaphysical and magickally delicious space that is Pathways – it doesn’t usually happen here at the shop.

No, the weird questions and looks come when you’re outside of Pathways – usually showing off your latest “stone-baby” to a friend or relative. “Check out this new moonstone, isn’t she gorgeous?” “Oh my gosh your rose quartz is so lushy!”

fluorite – because who couldn’t use a better memory?

Sometimes – just sometimes- you might get the curious interloper that just can’t stay out of the conversation who interjects, “Wow that’s beautiful! What is it?” And of course your mother taught you to be polite, so you explain what it is and what it’s good for; and when the last question comes, “Where do you find something like that?” you of course tell them about your favorite store and where to find it. Before you know it, you’ve launched into an informercial relaying all of the classes Pathways has, and their guests, and, and, and….

uploads - 11.-rainbow-moonstone-cabs.jpg
rainbow moonstone cabs

Don’t underestimate how much Pathways appreciates your help spreading the news about the shop – it’s truly how we reach the most people. The next time you’re in, feel free to grab a short stack of business cards and scatter those babies to your friends like confetti!

You never know, the next time someone leans over your shoulder to look at all the stones that came out of your pocket, they just might ask you, “Have you been to Pathways?”

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