New Jewelry has arrived!- Citrine, Iolite & Sunstone

Lovely jewelry is beginning to trickle out….citrine with phantoms & iolite with sunstone!

Citrine: Dissipates and transmutes negative energy. Brings & maintains wealth. Dispels fear, brings happiness. Helpful in education, business, interpersonal relations and brings mental focus and career success!

Iolite: Brings acceptance of responsibility, excellent money management, the elimination of debts. Helps to relieve discord from one’s life. Strengthens and aligns auric fields.

Sunstone: Brings luck in games and gambling. Protection from destructive forces of other realms. Clears, brightens and energizes chakras. Alleviates stress, increases vitality, rids fearfulness. Encourages independence and gently disconnects emotional cords from others.

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