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An Invaluable Resource for Connecting to Your Ancestors

Presenting historical and cultural examples of ancestral veneration from around the world, Ben Stimpson shows you how to build a strong, healthy relationship with your ancestors. He teaches the concepts and considerations of this important practice, walks you through the ins and outs of ritual, and shares profound insight on building community.

Ancestral Whispers provides exercises and journal prompts specially designed to help you develop an authentic, living practice. Stimpson reveals the various types of ancestors and discusses the physical elements of practice, including sacred space, objects of power, and offerings. He also encourages you to explore the elements of pilgrimage and reflect deeply on your own beliefs. With this book, you can create a legacy for current and future generations.

See his presentation here: Video: LlewellynCon2023: Ben Stimpson Presents Who Are You? Identity and Ancestral Veneration

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